Nigeria Politics: Don’t politicise lives in Akwa Ibom, youth group cautions

The Akwa Ibom Youth League (AYL) has urged federal lawmakers from the state to project a good image.

The group was reacting to Tuesday’s shouting match in the Senate during an observation by Senator Albert Akpan of an alleged plot to cause mayhem in the state in 2019

In a statement, the group expressed concern over what it claimed was a move by some senators to suppress what it claimed was the purposeful motion to bring to the centre stage the increasing efforts by some political actors to disrupt the atmosphere of peace that Governor Udom Emmanuel’s administration had ushered.

“For three years, Governor Emmanuel projected a template of peace that has made Akwa Ibom one of the top destinations for Foreign Direct Investments.

“This was notably absent in the past when insecurity drove investors away from the state.

“It is in this light that we welcome the initiative of Senator Akpan to draw attention to the growing sense of unease as some political actors who are not happy with the Governor Emmanuel administration plot to distabilise the state as a way of pursuing their election agenda.

“Such plots we dare say are against the collective interest of the people of Akwa Ibom and urge those who want to turn the state into a killing field to have a rethink. The death of any one person in Akwa Ibom is a reduction in the population of the state and by that reduces the collective esteem of the state.

“We applaud the Senate leadership for receiving the motion and we dare say, the lives of Akwa Ibom people should not be subjected to political considerations as some senators from the state and their allies sought to do on Tuesday.”

Source: The Nation

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