Kenya: Nigerian Singer Burna Boy Returns to Nairobi After Calling Kenyans ‘Peasants’

By Hilary Kimuyu

Nigerian dancehall-reggae artiste Burna Boy is scheduled to perform in Nairobi on Saturday, a year after he infamously described Kenyans as peasants.

The artiste, known for his hits Yawa-Dey, Soke and Tonight, had in April 2017 angered fans at Club Privee in Westlands when he showed up for a show at 3am and performed just for an hour.

The crowd felt cheated and Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) caused an uproar, voicing their disappointment for the musician’s bad performance.
Burna Boy reacted to the criticism with a tweet that described Kenyans as “peasants”.

One Kenyan radio personality tweeted saying he will blacklist Burna Boy’s hits just as he did with Davido.

Burna Boy replied that he and Davido could buy his “dead” radio station and turn it into an ashtray.”

He will perform this weekend at the Uhuru Gardens for the Thrift Social-Athleisure Edition. The event is a showcase of creatives, art, leisure and fashion.

Among the opening acts to perform include Barak Jacuzzi, Coco Emmah, Valerie Muthoni, Wakadinali, and Mixmasterlenny.

@burnaboy’s “Life On The Outside” Tour Nairobi Kenya

This Saturday 20th October !

🇰🇪 brought to you by thriftSocial

Follow the link to get your tickets – @MookhAfrica#thriftsocialnairobi #athleisure #lifeontheoutside

Burna Boy (@burnaboy) October 17, 2018

Source: Nairobi News

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