Ghana: Youth trained in business development and professional skills

By Gideon D. Ebbah

PeapHR Ltd, a personality and business development centred organisation, has trained some youth in Kumasi to empower them with business and professional development skills required to guard them to start their own businesses.

Mr Mark Anim Sasu, the Programmes Coordinator, at the opening of the workshop, said it was to equip and motivate the youth to start and operate their own businesses.

It was also to expose them to strategies needed to avoid losses in their investments and provide them the necessary professional skills to enhance the growth, profitability and sustainability of their businesses.

Mr Sasu said often the youth were mostly willing to come up with their own initiatives but faced challenges such as infrastructure and professionalism to succeed, and the ability to adopt and adapt to modern business operations and competitive business environments.

He said the focus of PeapHR was to help coach the youth in personality and business development and urged them to learn the basic techniques to empower them to thrive in both the local and global business world.

Mr Louis Lamis, the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of the Liezer-Legacy Productions – producers of the ‘Kejetia vs Makola’ TV programme, said Africa could thrive in business only when its youth were empowered to take up the development of their own businesses under good guidance and coaching.

He urged the youth to be persistent and consistent in pursuing their dreams and careers in business development.

“You should not be afraid of failure, but rather seek constant advice in order to attain success and sustainability of your businesses,’’ Mr Lamis said.

Mrs Francisca Ampratwum, the Founder and CEO of Perfect Health Ghana, urged the youth to be self-resilient and undertake projects that would bring income to enable them to cater for themselves and their families.

‘‘Every business exists to make profit, but there is one thing setting up a business and another making money out of it, thus the cash flows. Everyone has something to offer; let’s take up the mantle and help make Ghana a better place,’’ she said.

Source GNA

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