South African pilgrims says “love is all you need in World Youth Day in Panama”

By Francesca Merlo

Young South African pilgrims say they are struck by the generosity shown them by the people of Panama, to the point they are now truly inspired to change the world.

“They showed us humbling love”, says young Nicole from Johannesburg, who is here in Panama for World Youth Day.

She is referring to her life-changing experience in the Days in the Diocese, in which she went from her hometown “where there is so much” to “a town where they have nothing”. They have nothing, she says, “yet they gave it all to us”.

The most beautiful face of Jesus
Marco, who is travelling with her, describes this as “the most beautiful face of Jesus you’ll ever see”. It is the time he spent with this “young and most unjaded society”, he says, that is making this such a once in a lifetime experience. So what is he going to take back home with him? Marco doesn’t hesitate: “I’m going to go back and change the world”, he says.

Why? “Because that’s what’s necessary”.

Inspiration to change
Change is clearly on a lot of people’s minds. And it’s mostly inspired by the kind of love that they have been experiencing here at WYD.

Marco may be returning in hope of changing the world, but Nicole is going back with every intention of changing herself: “I really am,” she insists.

Varadzo is the third member of the group.

She has every intention of taking back “some of the love received here”. Because according to all three of the young pilgrims, along with joy, faith, peace and humility “all you need is love”!

And to them, Panama has it all.

Source Vatican News


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