Photos: Talented Nigerian Female Furniture Maker

By Adeyinka Odutuyo

Following the dwindling rate of employment in the country, youths are now taking charge of their future by taking advantage of opportunities. The photos of a female carpenter are currently trending on social media.

An Instagram user identified as Ije-Luv(@ijeomadaisy) recently took to her social media page to share a series of photos of a young Nigerian female carpenter.

In the photos, the young lady was seen at the different stages of the completion of what appeared to be a just complete sofa set. The hardworking lady was also spotted striking a pose with the finished work.

The young lady’s efforts can be described as being remarkable considering the fact that a lot of unemployed youth resort to constituting menace to the society. See some of the photos of the female carpenter below:

It is impressive to see that the present day females are continually breaking traditional gender stereotypes by taking on jobs that may have once been considered as being suitable for the male gender alone.

Meanwhile, had previously gathered a report that highlighted some of the top programmes for women empowerment in the country. The report identified programmes like the Support for Widows by Pat Utomi, The Sheleads Africa programme and a host of others.



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