The Africa we want: Youth Essay Contest by the African Union Development Agency/NEPAD


Are you a young African who wants to express your views about the future of our continent? In an effort to promote African youth’s active participation in the continent’s development, the African Union Development Agency/NEPAD is running a short essay contest, targeting young African people and its diaspora in proposing concrete pathways through which Agenda 2063.

The objective of the contest

The contest aims to provide the space through which youths can express their views freely on “ The Africa We Want” by articulating their aspirations and ideals for shaping the future of our continent. The rules and requirements for this short essay contest are outlined below: The short essay subject is “The Africa we want”. Participants are invited to submit their innovative ideas through a short essay format – the ideas or proposals should be those that can potentially have positive societal impact currently, or those that will transform the African continent in years to come through action/s that need to be taken now.

Judging criteria

The essays will be reviewed based on the following criteria: Content and relevance in terms of Africa’s development; Innovation and creativity; Potential for implementing the idea on a large scale using Africa’s own resources

All contestants must submit a completed and signed version of the document below. Please place a check next to each item below to be certain you have not missed anything!

The essay – as per the instructions below

Parental consent (Applicable only to those below the age of 18)

Consent Form


Contestants must be aged between 15 and 35 years by the contest deadline. Only one proposal per contestant will be accepted. Contestants must be African citizens; non-African citizens are not eligible to participate in the contest. All youths (between the ages of 15 and 35) and especially girls, women, and people living with disabilities are strongly encouraged to participate.

Essay instructions.

Type the essay on A4 paper size, 2-3 pages maximum. Handwritten essays are accepted and should be on A4 paper size, 2-3 pages maximum. Please include your name on the essay.

LANGUAGE: Essays can be written in any of the African Union (AU) official languages namely: Swahili, English, French, Arabic, and Portuguese

If sending by EMAIL: Scan your entry documents to a .jpg or .pdf format and attach them to the email. Please send the email to

If sending by POST: Address the mail to NEPAD Agency, 230, 15th Road Randjespark, Midrand, and Johannesburg, South Africa.

The deadline is on 28 February 2019.

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