Zimbabwe: Youth League Rallies Behind ED

By Freeman Razemba

The Zanu-PF Youth League yesterday reaffirmed its full support for President Mnangagwa’s efforts at turning around the economy and urged the nation to be united, peaceful and focused.

The league’s secretary for information and publicity, Cde Yeukai Simbanegavi, who was addressing a press conference after the league’s first national executive meeting of the year, said the President was working hard to make sure that the promises made in the party’s manifesto that was used during the elections which emphasised re-engagement, fighting corruption, keeping Zimbabweans united and the creation of jobs were realised.

She said they understood the task at hand and had absolute faith in the direction that the President was taking the nation.

“We have had a very fruitful meeting and as the Youth League representing the entire youths from Zimbabwe from all the 10 provinces, we stand in support of the Government and the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Cde Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa.

“We support the President’s efforts in turning the economy around. He has not been resting since he was elected and is still making sure that the manifesto that was put across during the elections of re-engagement, fighting corruption, keeping Zimbabweans united and the creation of jobs is achieved,” she said.

Cde Simbanegavi said the measures and policies that Government had put in place such as bringing fuel prices in line with those obtaining in the region were welcome.

“Those who mean the country well and have no other nefarious political agendas will agree that the move by the President has paid off. There are no more fuel queues and the black market has died. We also applaud the President for providing the cushioning allowance for civil servants against economic hardships. The youth league understands and has absolute faith in where the President is taking the nation, which is to achieve economic and political stability as a county,” she said.

She said as the Youth League they were also taking part in ensuring that Vision 2030 was achieved and that the national executive had come up with a raft of economic activities for the youths of Zimbabwe to engage in.

“We also want to warn non-governmental organisations and small political parties such as the MDC-Alliance to desist from using youths as political weapons of mass destruction.

“Youths are the future and we condemn those that want to use young people to bring darkness in the country through burning and vandalising homes and businesses, sabotaging the economy by forcing people from their economic endeavours.

“We remind these that President Emmerson Mnangagwa believes in political freedom for all. All of us have been given space to engage freely at every level. However, we should respect every citizens’ right not to be forced to take part in stay-aways and riots that are organised by individuals hiding behind social media,” Cde Simbanegavi said.

She said the Youth League was not weak and would deal with any rogue elements.

She said they had noted that there were some local and international groupings as well as NGOs who were engaging in clandestine activities aimed at distracting the President from turning around the economy.

“They are still calling for stay-aways in the media. Some are in the Diaspora, we urge them to stop trying to do that forthwith. The media should also set the correct narrative about the election results.

“We can’t stay in election mode forever. Elections are over and (Nelson) Chamisa lost to President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa by over 400 000 votes and that is the population of a whole province. The 0,6 percent is just a random statistic but 400 000 is a specific number that shows the gap that Chamisa lost by,” she said.

Cde Simbanegavi said there were organisations that were also going to court to assist the looters and rioters arrested by the security forces.

“We ask why these lawyers that are going to represent these rioters and looters are also not going to represent those whose shops, cars, buses and homes have been vandalised and burnt?” she said.

Source Herald


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