The police land cruiser at Coast Level Five Hospital that was used to ferry the body of Shee Hassan./Ernest Cornel

Shee Hassan, the 25-year-old man who was gunned down by police last week in Kisauni was a wanted man, the Star can report.

Hassan was facing a charge of possessing a firearm without a license.

He was shot in the chest and head at Barsheba area on Thursday last week.

The Star counted five bullet holes in his body that was lying at Coast Level Five Hospital morgue minutes after he was eliminated.

His head was disfigured by the impact of bullets.

According to his close associates, Hassan repeatedly said he would one day be killed by the police.

Human rights organisation Muhuri condemned the killing but said it does not dispute the deceased’s past criminal life.

“What we are against is reckless killing. Shee was unarmed when he was brutally gunned down. Police should have arrested him,” rapid response officer Francis Auma said.

The family did not conduct an autopsy.

Auma said it will be difficult to punish the killer officers in the absence of an autopsy report.

The investigation by the Star has revealed Hassan was first arrested on September 10, last year at Mwembe Taayari, Mvita.

He was possessing a Barretta pistol with serial number PJ18473 loaded with seven rounds of 9MM each.

Hassan had no firearm license when two undercover agents from Central police station pounced on him.

He was charged 10 days later at Shanzu Law Court and pleaded not guilty.

Police suspect the gun was used to commit crimes in Mombasa.

By the time bullets were being pumped into his head and chest, an investigating officer was yet to ascertain specific incident when the Barretta pistol might have been used.

Hassan is said to have turned into a police informer after he was charged.

He tipped the authority of suspicious activities around his neighbourhood.

On the fateful day, Hassan quarrelled with elder brother Yusuf Hassan, 26, over family property.

According to their sister, Fatma Hassan, the deceased and Yusuf argued over the control of the Sh3million house.

The home was built by their grandmother who died six years ago.

The late reportedly stormed the disputed house in the morning and knocked down the gate, sparking fury from the neighbors who alerted the police.

“Yusuf wanted the house sold and proceeds shared but Shee refused,” Fatma said then.

Eyewitnesses said at least five police officers took part in Hassan’s shooting. Some were in civilian clothes.

The law only allows police to use force when their lives or whose they are protecting are in danger. The can either fire at the target or use other possible means to diffuse threats.

But when Hassan was killed, no such threat presented itself, witnesses said.

Those who saw him getting killed said he was already under police custody before the fire was opened.

Furthermore, Hassan is said to have been unarmed.

Considering the circumstances surrounding Hassan’s death, questions abound whether police reforms are working.

Kisauni OCPD Sangura Msee referred us to County Commissioner Johnstone Ipara.

“Police had responded to a distress call from the members of the public,” Msee, however, said.

Source The Star


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