The youth in Tanzania has been urged to actively engage in movements, during the 2nd Change Tanzania Forum on rights and responsibilities of the citizens of the country.

This was a message which was shared to the youth during the forum, organised by Change Tanzania, under the slogan ‘Wenye Nchi ni Wananchi’, loosely translated ‘It’s Citizen who Own the Country’, today.

Activist and the co-founder of Change Tanzania, Maria Sarungi Tsehai, said the movement started as a hashtag on Twitter, and its aim was to influence Tanzanian citizens to participate in bringing positive change in different aspects of life.

“It started on social media as an informal grouping of individuals who are focused on bringing positive and sustainable change to Tanzania,” she said.

Lawyer, journalist and social commentator, Jenerali Ulimwengu, said activism was all about positive change, and that being an activist was a sign of being alive.

“The founders of all the major and astonishing things in the world are youths, but also a large percentage of the youth are the source of all the political and economic problems in nations. This is how powerful youths are,” he said.

The second Change Tanzania Forum was held, three years since the first Change Forum occurred in 2016. The Forum aims to center on the motto of Change Tanzania that change comes from “few committed and thoughtful citizens” and therefore push back against the rhetoric and also provide historic, legal and practical insight to being an active citizen.

Source African Daily Voice


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