Gambia: Youth empowerment is Key

By Jose Rizal

Former United Nations Secretary General- Kofi Anan one said that ‘from creating start-ups to igniting revolutions, young people have been toppling the old structures and processes that govern our world. Just imagine what solutions might be found if young people are given the space and encouragement to participate and lead’. This clearly manifests the role of youth in a growing economy and their power to propel national development initiates.

The recent inauguration of a new development association dubbed Buduk Youth Development Association by the young people of Buduk Bantaba in Central River Region is a laudable move. The association aims to promote unity, health, education, environmental protection and development within the community and its surroundings. This would in turn have multiple impacts in the youths around these catchment areas. We must acknowledge that fact that the world’s biggest power is the youth and therefore meaningful efforts must be established to help empower them to contribute sufficiently towards the socio-economic development of the country.

Young people have the power to change the world. Despite the numerous challenges, with commitment and dedication, young people can surmount any obstacles sin on their path. This also reminds us about the power of life skills and for youth to exploit any opportunity that comes their way.

Last year, the world reached a historic milestone with seven billion people, 1.8 billion of which are youth aged 10 to 24. And of this young population, 90 percent live in developing countries. This generation, the most interconnected generation ever, continues to grow rapidly, and the challenges they face are ever more daunting.

Statistics also indicate that about half of all young people survive on less than two dollars a day. More than 100 million adolescents do not attend school. Every year, 16 million adolescent girls become mothers.

Over the next decade and beyond, if the country is to solve the most pressing issues of our time, there is need to tap into the dynamism of youth movements and young social entrepreneurs, for they have the potential to disrupt inertia and be the most creative forces for social change. Therefore, the inauguration of this youth association came at a right time in our quest to promote unity among the people especially those in the rural communities.

“The youth is the hope of our future.”

Source The Point


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