Libya: NCUSLR to hold Virtual Youth Summit

By Sami Zaptia

The National Council on U.S.-Libya Relations is to hold its Inaugural Virtual Youth Summit Meeting via Skype on Saturday, 23rd February.

The U.S.-based ngo has invited all youth interested in cooperating with it on youth-oriented projects and programmes to participate in its Youth Initiative.

The meeting will be held in Arabic with participants from Libya and the diaspora. The NCUSLR meeting is the first event being held as part of its Youth Initiative.

It says the first cohort is meeting on the topic of entrepreneurship and will bring together 16-20 entrepreneurs and interested youth in this field.

The objectives for this summit are to educate participants on the Council’s goals in supporting youth, and to establish the basis for a youth network that is actively engaged in participating in events and projects under the auspices of the Council in relevant field areas (i.e. business, health, tech & media, education, and cultural production).

It also aims to host an interactive panel discussion on entrepreneurship in Libya led by two youth business leaders, Tarek Algryani and Mabrukah Abdullah.

The NCUSLR will issue a report detailing the next steps and the structure of the network next week.

Interested parties should contact NCUSLR’s Youth Representative Mohamed Alarabi at in Arabic or English.

Source Libya Herald

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