Gambia: GYCC commits to private sector youth micro-enterprise development to create jobs

Gambia Youth Chamber of Commerce (GYCC),

Gambia Youth Chamber of Commerce (GYCC), the umbrella body and voice of youth entrepreneurs in The Gambia said they are committed to advocating for the creation an enabling environment that will facilitate an organized, vibrant, robust, functional, sustainable and competitive private sector youth micro-enterprise sub-sector that will be positioned to create jobs, generate wealth and contribute to GDP through innovative intervention mechanisms and constructive engagement.

The commitment targets to prepare, develop, nurture and support the establishment of functional youth micro-enterprises and generate employment opportunities across the country through the implementation of the micro-enterprise activities.

Gambia has a host of enterprising youth entrepreneurs in diverse sectors of the economy all around the country.

This is in line with GYCC 2017-2020 strategy and Youth Empowerment Project (YEP) 2017 -2020) objective to tackle the economic root cause of irregular migration through increase job opportunities and income prospect for youth.

With this, there is hope that there will be increase networking, wealth and a potential space for partnership and business linkages for young people.

It will promote synergy within the sector at regional level and help in the strengthening of the Chamber activities and membership drive strategy.

They are committed to create the space for young people to exhibit their products and services, network with other enterprises to unlock wealth and boost the economic growth of young people. The Chamber members also said they are committed to create a regional chapter to enable decentralisation of the function of the chamber.

Research and assessment has indicated an increase demand for the Chamber service to the communities and buy into the idea of establishing regional chapters to attend to the needs of these entrepreneurs.

It is critical to know that this cohort of our society are being marginalized and left unprepared to contribute to national development.

To get the most out of the investment, exhibitions are the perfect platform for meeting key people in the industry – giving the opportunity to market business face-to-face, talk to as many people as possible, network and take time to learn about their business.

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