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BY Susan Chioma Obasi

Youth are usually energetic, vibrant, active, and often times they eat a lot. Most times, they eat sugary foods, fatty foods and so much more. They eat whatever pleases them being ignorant of the fact that such foods may cause more harm than good to their health.

In fact such foods will certainly have a negative effect on their health in later adulthood.

Living healthy is very crucial. One cannot argue but attest to the fact that a healthy lifestyle prolongs one’s life. One has to do the needful in order to stay healthy. You can take advantage of these nuggets >>>

Eating rightly: Most people want to eat as much as they can, and still remain fit; you cannot reconcile both because most foods they eat are considered “deadly”. These “deadly” foods can be referred to as junk. To stay in good shape and live a healthy lifestyle, experts advise that we ‘should not lie down immediately after meal because it slows down the whole process of digestion.

The acid treated stomach contents flow upwards to the gullet. When this becomes a habit, this acid will eventually cause damage which can lead to heartburn or chronic coughing as the case may be. Experts also advise that it is only advisable to wait for at least two hours after meal before going to bed.

According to, eating rightly includes drinking plenty of fluids, having a diet plan, enjoying plenty of fruits and vegetables, maintaining a healthy body weight, reduction of sugar and salt intake and many more.

Exercising: When it comes to mental and physical exertion, most people believe that exercising only means shedding some fat. As a matter of fact, exercising is also a way of keeping fit. You don’t have to be big before you exercise. Again to experts, ‘exercising reduces the risk of chronic diseases, decreases blood pressure, reduces stress, improves insulin sensitivity’.

Different types of exercise according to experts include aerobic exercises (examples jogging, dancing, biking, playing tennis); strength exercises (examples lifting free weights, gyming); flexibility exercises (examples yoga, stretching of various parts of the body) etc.

ReST: The usefulness of rest can also not be over-emphasized. Rest helps to relax the mind, and also the body. It keeps us mentally, physically and socially balanced and stable. After a stressful and hectic day, the right thing to do is to relax. You can relax by sleeping, take a walk, spend time with family and friends, try out something new like making a new dish, or listen to good music.

The youth should keep these in mind as it will help them live a healthy life. As the saying goes, ‘health is wealth’ hence what one eats is very important.

Source Daily Trust

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