Nigerian Youths, We Are All Friends

By Sunny Oby Maduka(DSM) Ph.D

I decided to write on this topic because of the brewing anger or hatred amongst the varying nationalities in Nigeria. Now that we are through with elections, we must bury the hatchet of bitterness, as we guide our utterances and behaviours.

We can’t allow the over recycled politicians to foment this absurdity amongst the youths of any tribe or religion in Nigeria.

In a family of twelve, we will unfold different characters and of course, never will judge the entire family based on a few miscreants.

The youths must not be seen as the implementing daggers that are being manipulated by our insatiable leaders in whatever way, rather, they should be seen with the great attributes of our future great leaders.

We must resist any attempt to be used as canopies of destructions and killings, especially after many years of our cordial relationships.

Igbos don’t need to hate the Yorubas; Ijaws don’t have to hate the Hausa/Fulanis; Idoma doesn’t have to hate the Igbos or Yorubas and vice versa.

We don’t owe ourselves enmities, because at the end, the consequences are never palatable to both parties.

The problem here is that every tribe has its own flavour and oftentimes, we are misinformed to believe that a wink in Jukun kingdom is as the same as a frowning face in Igala land.

In most of the Igbos monthly meetings for an instance, when they are outside the Igbo clan, one of their core discussions is to live in peace with their neighbours.

Yes, Igbos may have some bad eggs, but which tribe is free of a few bad eggs amongst them?

I am particularly interested in the youths, because the ‘osebee or nzogbu nzogbu’ is a known youths’ fracas outburst, and when war is eminent.

We must expunge tribal and religious sentiments, because they are becoming critical impediments to our unity and development.

We must never allow sentiments in any disguise to entrap our senses of decency and mutual respect for one another.

Taking It Personal:

I want to appeal to all tribes in Nigeria, especially the Yorubas and Hausa/Fulanis, that Igbos are not your enemies.

And if you have such idea, I am pleading that you drop such an idea.

Wherever we are, one thing is our focal point, to develop our lives and then add value to our host communities.

We are not dragging anyone’s ancestral lands and hence, we will ask for lands to buy, and definitely, not by force.

The Constitution is very clear about citizenship and as such, every Nigerian has every right and privilege to live in any part of Nigeria without molestation.

And such citizen, must conduct himself or herself withall a reasonable sense of candour both in obedience to the laws of Nigeria and respect for their communities or states.

There’s no single Igbo man that won’t think about his home and that’s why, every Christmas, Igbos will travel home to see their people, have family meetings and strategise for a new season.

As a tradition, every true son and daughter of the soil, won’t be buried abroad.

The remains must be flown or carried back to Igbo land for burial.

The deceased properties, industries and businesses will still be domiciled in their areas of acquisitions. Please, any investor(s) that wants to develop Isuikwuato LGA, in Abia State should contact me, and what more could be more honourable of the NWANNEUKWUS than seeing their place in the limelight for development.

Once again, I am pleading that we must not allow politicians to destroy Nigeria by allowing them to brew up hate intractable problems.

What happened during the past elections should be an eye opener for all Nigerians, that our problem is not our tribal or religious claims, but our leaders insensitivity to respect the citizens birthplaces and religions.

Igbos and Yorubas:

Most of my best friends are Yorubas and those chanting hatred as a sing song have not travelled to the East or outside their respective enclaves, and I bet you, no one will ever treat you like a stranger in any part of Igbo land.

We give the best for our visitors because, by nature, Igbos are travellers.

Whatever development we have anywhere in the world are not going to be carried back to the East, as I elaborated earlier.

Have not heard of any tribe that has been denied owing properties in Igbo land?

Go to Aba and Onitsha, you will see many other tribes competing with the Igbos. The problem of this hatred insinuation is an imagination of most Nigerian Youths that have never travelled outside of their place of birth.

I live in the midst of Yorubas and they are my families and confidants.

If I decide today to contest for any electioneering post, I bet you that I will pull a lot of weight.

I was made the chairman of the landlords in a Yoruba dominated environ, and within few years of my reign, the developmental blueprints between the previous ‘yorubanised’ regime and mine are very clear.

I am not boasting, but I don’t think that the Yoruba and Hausa landlords would have given me such position without a character scrutiny.

That’s what Nigeria needs today.

A detribalised nation, where the best should be used for the development of Nigeria.

‘Poverty and hunger are no respecters of tribes or religions.’

That’s why most sane societies seek out their best brains with principled character stance to lead them.

I walk around freely and enjoy our fraternal bonding here in Yoruba land and never been molested.

How then won’t I reciprocate such wonderful hospitality by encouraging my brothers and sisters back home, to avail the same acceptable gesture to other nationalities?

There’s no doubt that once in a while, people quarrel, but:

“Quarrelling is not an offshoot to end a relationship, but a soul searching appraisal to correct both the immediate and future mistakes that brought about the quarrel at first instance.”

We should be advocating for the true reflection of what ‘ONE NIGERIA’ means, and not claiming ancestral lands, as if, any mortal being has the ultimate right to claim any land that he or she was told about historically, without realising that the same land waits for his or her carcass.

In our polling booth, all through the elections periods, we were all discussing about Nigeria’ developmental processes, and not tribal or religious inclinations.

I didn’t hear anyone raising his voice and not to talk about fighting each other, or snatching any ballot box.

We’re Never Enemies:

Let me repeat it very clear, our real problem is our grandpa politicians, who have been using hateful tactics to deprive us of a coordinated approach to our national building ideological process.

We must resolve to break away from such dastardity and look deeper into our individual relationship and match it with the collective assumption of hatred amongst ourselves.

“One of the biggest casualties of youthful hatred is that, it won’t only destroy our cohabitations, it may lead to a national disaster.”

It’s time to purge ourselves of such new definition of ill-feelings, and let’s build up a nation, where lives are respected and treated with utmost value.

Let’s begin to see our diverse races as powerful tools, potentials and endowments for us to tap as ultimately galvanizers for our future connectedness, aspirations and generational upliftments.

What Else?

We have spoken enough, and it’s time to act the spoken words.

Nigerian youths, you should never be clouded by any insinuations that your brother and sister from other nationalities are our problem, rather, let’s see one another as the divine diverse creations, wonderfully crafted to build a new bridge of love, as we focus on the best option for Nigeria Project Management.

Yes…It’s Doable.

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