Nigeria: ‘Youths must see climate change as an opportunity’

By Seyifunmi Adebote

Director of Climate Change, Federal Ministry of Environment, Dr Pete Tarfa, has urged Nigerian youths to see climate change as an opportunity for individual growth and national economic advancement.

Tarfa made this call last week at the Accra International Conference Center in Ghana, when he met some Nigerian youths’ delegates attending the ongoing International Climate Change Development Initiative (ICCDI) in commemoration of the Africa Climate Week. The theme was: ‘Africa climate week is a race we can win’.

Six youth delegates from Nigeria attended the event. They are: Babatunde Enitan, Abiodun Adekoya, Rukayat Odebiyi, Moses Eboigbe, Prosper Egeonu and ‘Seyifunmi Adebote.

“One thing I want Nigerian youths working in the area of climate change to do is to open their eyes to the many opportunities that surround climate change,” Tarfa began.

He continued, “Before now, we used to see climate change as a tragedy, a woe, and something to be scared about. Today, there are a lot of opportunities that climate change has brought.

“As young people, you should begin to see how you can create jobs from climate change – in the area of renewable energy, solid waste management, writing, advocacy, creative expressions like literature, poem or music, just to push out the message of climate change.

“One major problem we have in Nigeria is deforestation, most women in the local communities cook with firewood and some of them are dying because of the effects of smoke on their health. Young people can partner private companies, creating innovative clean cook stove solution. Those products can be sold to the huge market in Nigeria. That way, you make money and impact lives. I want to see Nigerian youths who have understood climate change to look out for opportunities in the areas renewable sources of energy to provide power for the millions of people off-grid. Waste management is another big issue in Nigeria, single-use plastic recycling, architecture and many other aspects.”

Source The Nation Nigeria

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One thought on “Nigeria: ‘Youths must see climate change as an opportunity’”

  1. There is this funny cartoon in which a man gets up in the middle of a climate summit and asks “what if it’s a big hoax and we create a better word for nothing?”.


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