Edo Chief Of Staff Tasks Nigeria Youths On Nation Building


The Chief of Staff to Governor Godwin Obaseki, Taiwo Akerele, Monday tasked Nigerian youths on nation building even as he poured accolades on Governor Obaseki for conceding state power to his deputy while on leave

He aslo eulogized late Professor Pius Akinsanmi who died in the recent ill-fated Ethiopian airline crash and several other activists who died in their agitation for a better Nigeria.

Speaking at a reception to mark his birthday, Akerele urged Nigerian young people to stop blaming past leaders but focus making their contribution to have a better Nigeria.

He said; “The destiny of Nigeria is in the hands of the Nigerian youths and I don’t think it is proper to continue to lay the blame on past leaders but let us come together as young people, let us sit down and chat a way forward, let us open a new chapter that will make Nigeria compete both locally and internationally to those countries that are ahead of us.”

Continuing, he said “myself and my twin brother have agreed that we are dedicating this birthday to Professor Pius Adesanmi and others who died in the struggle for a better Nigeria and Africa. People like Professor Claude Ake, Chinua Achebe, Onaivi Mozai aka Human Right, Steve Biko, Professor Festus Iyayi, Ngugi Wa Tho Ongo, Comrade Ola Oni and so many other intellectuals who died in the struggle for a better Nigeria. Even though we are celebrating but we also need to remember those who invest their lives and time for us to enjoy a better society.”

He commended the state deputy governor, Comrade Philip Shaibu for holding forth in the absence of Obaseki; “The last one week has shown that you have the capacity to lead Edo state I want to congratulate the governor of Edo State for having so much confidence in you. This hardly happens in other states. We have heard stories of how some governors in this country leave for two to three months and they will be governing their states from abroad but in Edo state, the governor has decided to be different.”

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