Uganda to host Africa Muslim youth meet

Written by BAKER BATTE

Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC) together with the World Muslim Communities Council based in the United Arab Emirates are to hold an inaugural International Muslim Youth conference on April 26.

The conference is to be presided over by President Museveni at Pearl of Africa hotel in Kampala. Speaking at Gaddafi National mosque in Old Kampala yesterday, Sheikh Muhammad Ali Waiswa, the second deputy mufti, said the conference will be attended by over 500 delegates from 25 countries.

“The aim of the conference is to raise awareness among Muslim youths about the significance of their role in the sustainable development of Africa and highlight the nature of the contemporary changes and their negative and positive effects on young Muslims in Africa,” Waiswa said.

The conference’s theme is: ‘The role of Muslim Youths in the Africa of tomorrow’.

Participants will also be taken through Uganda’s success story of religious harmony and tolerance where all faiths come together under their umbrella organisation, the Inter-Religious Council of Uganda. Speaking at the same press event, Ramathan Mugalu, the secretary general of UMSC, said youths are powerful change agents who should be harnessed to realise their full potential.

“Africa has got a lot of natural resources that have been utilised for quite some time starting with the colonialists but the aspect of human resource has been left behind, especially the youths who are the majority not only in Uganda but also elsewhere in Africa,” Mugalu said.

Participants are expected from Rwanda. Kenya, Burundi, South Sudan, Tanzania, Mozambique, Burkina Faso, Gambia, Senegal, South Africa and Egypt, among others.

Source The Observer

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