Nairobi to form County Youth Council after MCAs allocated Sh5mn


NAIROBI, Kenya, May 7 – Nairobi is set to join at least five other counties to establish a Youth Council after MCAs approved an allocation of Sh5 million in the recently passed supplementary budget.

While passing the budget, the city legislators said the funds will assist in developing a youth policy which will address issues affecting youths in the capital, especially unemployment by mobilising resources to support and fund youth programmes and initiatives.

Further, the Youth Council will formulate operational guidelines that protect the youth against any form of abuse or manipulation.

The Assembly’s Minority Whip Peter Imwatok said that Nairobi youths have high ambitions and hopes but lack the support needed for them to achieve their goals.

“The Constitution provides that the state should take measures and ensure that youth have opportunities to access employment and be protected from harmful practices and exploitation,” he said.

Umoja 1 MCA Mark Mugambi said this will create an opportunity for youths to empower themselves through doing business since they will be able to access loans at low interest rates.

“I am even recommending that in the next budget, more funds be allocated to the Youth affairs docket because youths are the majority and they are the future of this country that’s why we should invest in them,” he said.

Nominated MCA Leah Naikane said this will help curb drug abuse and criminal activities among the youth.

“Most young people become desperate due to lack of jobs and turn into crimes, substance abuse and others even end up committing suicide,” she said.

Other counties that have established Youth Council include Meru, Kilifi, Vihiga and Turkana.

Meru County for instance established theirs last year in April, and the program has seen at least 1000 young people from various wards receive training in fields such as agriculture, urban regeneration and health services.

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