Kenya: Do something before youths wipe each other out


It is sad that the recent case in which two bodies were found in a house outside the Kenya Methodist University in Meru is shocking but not a surprise.

The male, still unidentified, and the female student of Business Administration are suspected to have been in a failed romantic relationship.

One would think that the advice given to the youth following the recent femicide and love-related murders is helping. Every day we are waking up to news of murdered youths over rejection. Society has turned into a bloodbath which is finishing the future of the country.

Is it that these youths cannot access the media to see the words of wisdom offered to handle rejection? That would be a blatant lie. They are always on their phones browsing through social media platforms; where these cases are exposed, sometimes even before they reach the media.

Could it be that parents are not even mentioning the subject? Because then the blame would lie partially on them. But which parent would refuse to advise their child on a matter that could literally save their life?

So the youth have no excuse not to try and work on whatever challenges they are facing. On those very platforms of social interaction—which billions of people are signed up for, there cannot lack a single person who would listen to a depressed young man or woman. Even just an ear would save a life. Because the younglings may feel that no one will understand what they are going through.

But multiple other generations have gone through that stage by default, and no one really knows how to become an adult. You just wade through the waters trying to make decisions that will keep your heart in your body and your brain confined within your skull.


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