Opinion: Nigerian Youths Need Value Re-Orientation – Ajibare

By Independent.ng (Popoola Yaqoub)

Tosin Ajibare Gold was the youngest gubernatorial candidate in the July 14 Governorship Election in Ekiti State .The 36 year-old flagbearer of the Independent Democrat Party in this interview with YAQOUB POPOOLA, he spoke on developments in the state.Excerpts:

You contested the last Governorship Election in Ekiti State. What was your experience like?

Yes i did, it was a wholesome experience, with daunting, challenges, but at the same time fulfilling. It was putting everything online for what i believed in and it was worth it. The experience and additional knowledge gathered is something that cannot be acquired within any walls or by tale bearing. It was tough and at the same time encouraging, One experiences the very best of people and the supposedly worst, it was like a check and balance thing and a trial of ones beliefs, values and conviction.

Going by the outcome of the results .Would you say that you are betrayed by the youths?

Not in any way, if there was any betrayal, I think it was to the youth themselves My candidacy and campaign was about our reality and our salvation, my ability to deliver the salvation was not in question, but since it’s about all of us, each and every one has his or her part to play. By the grace of God, I played my own part against all odds, they also played their own part, we all get to bear the consequences of our individual actions.

Since my standing up to give the youths a voice is not about my personal interest, I believed i was not in any way betrayed.

The issue of unemployment is like a synonym to youths, the high cost of living is general knowledge, we all knew what was at stake and we made our choice. It’s not about me; it’s about us and our future.

The involvement of youths in crime and corruption both at home and in the diaspora has reached an alarming proportion.What would you suggest as solution?

This issue gives us constant and continuous headache, and the most unfortunate aspect is that it seems like those at the helms of affairs fail to see the trend for what it really is, “the damnation of a future we are yet to enter”

As part of the solutions, there is need for an intensive value re-orientation campaign across board, aimed at awakening lost virtues and encourage positive values, a campaign so intensive that it would be akin to a political campaign for an executive position. Also there is need to nip these things at the bud and by so discourage it but most times we just look on until the snake has grown big enough to swallow a whole human being, that’s when we now term it as dangerous. An example of this is the Yahoo Yahoo trend. Even up till now focus is still on the fruits while we keep looking at the roots despite being exposed on top soil.

Also there is need to put up a definitive stance against vices, this issue has gone overboard.

What led you into youths activism?

The knowledge of what our society should be versus our present reality.The knowledge of what contributions youths can make in creating a better society as against the way talents are been wasted through negligence.

Youths are a blessing to any Nation; the period of youthfulness should be harnessed not wasted. I got really involved when i decided i have had enough of the phrase “the richest place is the graveyard because so many people are buried there with their potentials”.

My generation will not die with her potentials, in fact when we die, we want to die empty, having exhausted all our potentials and ideas to the betterment of this Nation and the World.

You are collaborating with other youths organisation of value reorientation .What informed this action ?

The extent of decadence in our society, we came to a conclusion that only a better people can bring about a better nation.


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