Nigeria: 24-year-old female barber Gift David shares her inspiring story

By (Simbiat Ayoola)

24-year-old Gift David is a female barber who is rising from the ashes of adversity and inspiring others to do so through her story.

Gift David, a female barber coining her own narrative in a profession dominated by men continues to inspire many especially young girls that they can rise above social constructs to achieve whatever they dream of becoming.

The 24-year-old part-time mass communication student recounts her determination and how she convinced male customers that she is good at her job.

She also talks about how she aspires to be one of the most celebrated female barber in Nigeria.

‘I can’t really say because it was not planned.. as at the time, I usually pass time in a barbershop, so I thought, it won’t be nice just sitting here without helping out. So I started helping out by washing customers’ hair and applying aftershave.I started finding it interesting and wanted to do more, that was how it began, ‘ the Akwa-Ibom born female barber said.

About balancing school and work, Gift said it has not been easy. She said:

”Combining school and work is really not easy, it can be extremely stressful and tiring but it’s worth it.. when I’m at work, it’s all about work but whenever it’s time for school and studying, it’s a very important time that I try to make sure every minute counts.. still pushing it.”’

About the challenges of being a female barber, she said:

‘The harsh reality is that, no matter how good you are, there are people who will not take you seriously because of your gender. I have had customers who won’t allow me touch their hair because I’m a woman,” Gift said.


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