“About us” Information on All African Youth Platform (AAYP)

About us
All African Youth Platform (AAYP) is designed to help build and nurture the average African youth for progress and sustainable development to achieve their goals.

Vision Mandate
Our vision is to help build & nurture the average African youth for the future

Mission Statement
Our mission is to impact and develop young men & women with active and creative minds, to have sense of understanding and compassion for others, to have courage to act on their beliefs, and to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.

1. Youth in Politics – Our goal is to help encourage the Africa youths to get more involve in political career and leadership positions in their societies.

2. Youth in Sports – Our goal is to make Africa Youths more competitive with the rest of the world in various sports competitions with our workshop programs and physical exercise training.

3. Guidance & Counseling for Hard Drugs – Our aim is to help Africa youths understand what causes addiction to drugs and the side effects, and to make healthy choices in their future.

4. Youth Peace Building – Our main objective is to help promote peace among Africa Youths, also to encourage Africa youths to pursue peaceful and productive paths in their lives.

5. Climate Change Action/Sanitation Exercise – Our goal is to bring together various youth humanitarian and environmental organizations across African countries to sanitised Africa affected areas and especially the rural communities.

6. Skills Development & Entrepreneurship For Youth. – Our main objective is to enable a large number of Africa youths to take up industry-relevant skills training that will help them achieve sustainable livelihoods.

We engage youths through social media to share and discuss the progress of the African youths in all human dimensions.

We support or partner youth – serving organizations in Africa for media coverage on youth conferences, forums, seminars and programs. E.t.c

We publish News, Sports, Entertainment, Business, Education, Fashion, Politics, and Stories Related to African Youths to the world with our official website.

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All African Youth Platform

We are Youth - Serving & charitable organization

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