Debate: The pros and cons of youth


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Positive and negative sign of being youth Youths are the representative of energy, happiness and freshness. Life is the synonym for youth. They are innovative; they are always ready to face challenges. “Youth is the time to join in war, youth is the time to fall in love”- said by Shamsur Rahman. From his quotation we can easily see the twice face of a coin. Young generation is always considered as a symbol of aptitude but even they have some imperfection.

Youth are the future director of Africa. They will be the citizen of our nations. Today’s young generation is tomorrows guardian. If they failed to fulfill their duty towards our societies, Africa next generations will be the one to suffer. To secure the future of our next generation youth should made concerned about their duty. They should be guided properly. Thus our continent will achieve a great respect in the world as a developing continent.


The Debate:


  • Youth are the architect of the modern civilization. They never hesitate to demonstrate new things and ideas. But the elder people are not interested to try new things. They fear demonstrating with new creative ideas because of their adoptability.
  • With new & fresh ideas the young can bring vast change in technical field. But the elder people are not accustomed with the new improved technical instruments. Youth never vacillate to accept new ideas or challenge.
  • Superstitions is a word which is absent in the dictionary of youth. They don’t believe in those ancient dos and don’ts. That made their life easier, and confident. Youth are far away from the complications of superstitions.
  • Youth have only one gender that is they are youth. They are treated equally everywhere. They have to compete with themselves. They never take the advantage of being male or female. Thus their positive aspect is helpful for the development of the society and country.
  • Youths are always ready to face challenges. That’s the reason we find young generation during natural calamities and in other disasters. They come forward to help the affected people. They raise fund, collect relief for the victims. And they are the volunteer who take the relief to the door of affected people.
  • The young people are logical and intellectual. They can come forward with new ideas to improve our politics, economics and other fields. They have the courage to experiment with new ideas and invention. This is necessary for the betterment of our country.
  • Young generation is broad minded. They are innovative in the field of fashion. They are adopting different culture without spoiling their tradition and heritage. They are adapting and adopting the globalize culture.
  • Young generation is far away from racial discrimination. Cast, religion etc never can create obstacle on their way. They work together without any interest about the background of their colleagues. Their only interest is their work, their job.
  • Young are confident and hard working. They only know they have to achieve success.
  • They have abilities to create more opportunities.
  • They are open to talk and understand. They are like open book. They share their feelings, their thoughts.
  • Youths believe in implementation of the best practices.
  • They are willing to relocate and start fresh. They never look behind. They are optimistic.


  • Young people are emotional. Sometimes they take wrong decisions depending on their emotion.
  • Employers demand is experienced people, but the young don’t have that. So they face difficulties to find job.
  • Youth have soft and innocent mind. Evildoers can easily influence them. They easily get involved with wrong company.
  • They lack patience and persistence.
  • They are too anxious and want to know much more than they should. Their curiosity knows no limit.
  • They are more extrovert and shameless outspoken while social networking. This is embarrassing for the other people present there.
  • They are more willing to earn fast money. Higher the degree more is the lust for money. More from the business background more the requirement for money.
  • They easily get addicted to drugs.
  • In the field of politics young people trust the wrong person with wrong ideology. Thus they become terrorist.
  • Want of money and power can easily misguide them.
  • Youths get confused easily. To fulfill their parents dream they often choose a subject to study on which they don’t have interest. They don’t choose the subject in which they have skill ness. Thus the meritorious student gets poor marks and after completing their study they do a simple job which is not suitable for them.

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