Africa Must Prioritize Investing in Her Youth


Africa has been blessed, not only with natural resources but also an abundance of youth, yet we fail to adequately invest in them. At least 60% of Africa’s young people are under the age of 30 but unemployment continues to rear its ugly head leaving frustrated youth so desperate that they are migrating in droves for better opportunities abroad despite the dangers of slavery and drowning in the Mediterranean sea.

Leaders should double down on efforts to create jobs, increase the quantity and quality of education spending and create opportunities at home by rooting out corruption, and investing in job-creating sectors, as echoed by the African Union and Nelson Mandela.


We need to guide our youth through quality education and channel them in the right direction. Former South African president Nelson Mandela believed strongly in the power of young people and their role to harness positive change in Africa. We need to honour his legacy.

In recent years, the youth have been pushed to the edge as unemployment continues to escalate. Of Africa’s 600 million youth, aged between 15-35, one-third are unemployed and discouraged, another third are vulnerably employed, and only one in six has a steady paid job.


For many decades, tackling extreme poverty has been neglected, but now is the time to make it a priority. Africa Countries need to come together and commit to policy reforms, while scaling up investment in youth and projects to deliver on the changes needed.

For us to tackle these challenges, All Africa countries must come together to make and implement processes, and create an equal partnership between all stakeholders. A true equal partnership between African and partner countries, are at the forefront, because shared benefits mean shared responsibilities.

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Africa Must Prioritize Investing in Her Youths

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