Students are Algeria’s pride

By Yacine M

On Tuesday the 16th of April, thousands of students braved the streets of Algiers and other cities to demand the fall of the corrupt regime. They are Algeria’s unsung heroes.

Algerians can be proud, very proud of their youth. Despite the repeated attempts by Algeria’s prime minister Noureddine Bedoui, potentially the Mexican cartels’ African connection, as we’ve seen in a recent article and to a large extent Algeria’s Baltaji-in-chief, to intimidate our youths using brutal and treasonous methods, their unflinching mobilisation not only remained intact but increased as we’ve witnessed during Tuesday’s demonstrations.

Let me let you something right off the bat, these same secret service officers if faced with a real trained police force, would put their weapons on the floor, hide and beg for mercy, just as we saw during the Iraq invasion with Saddam’s “elite” forces. They act tough only when facing unarmed civilians, children and women.

In the western world, the secret service are tasked with countering foreign threats, they’re at the forefront of the nation’s defence apparatus, in Algeria, they are instrumentalised by a bunch of coward, corrupt traitors at the head of the state, to intimidate political opponents, or in this case, teenagers.

In the western world, students don’t have to deal with this kind of BS, they are cherished and rightfully so as they represent the future of a nation. In Algeria, they’ve been attacked, abducted and humiliated by the Algerian police forces, police forces which instead of dealing with real crime, as in any respectable nation, have been tasked with viciously targeting what is essentially teenagers.

Today marked another milestone in the Algerian government’s rapid fall to the bottom of the barrel, secret service elements were sent to kidnap students at Algiers’ main law school, they were bravely chased off (like some kind of rodents) by the courageous students and had to promptly get back in their blacked out SUVs to slogans such as “Dégage” which translates to “f*** off”.

We, as Algerians, must be grateful for our amazing youths, be them students or simply the youths marginalised by the corrupt regime. We thank you for your courage, maturity and patriotism. You will always be remembered and your names will be forever engraved in Algeria’s history books, unlike most members of the Algerian regime who will forever be remembered as traitors.

Source Algiers Herald


Mauritius Government Priorities In Students

Mauritius government has reiterated its commitment in ensuring the social and emotional well-being of students in the country.

Addressing Head boys and Head girls of colleges from different zones at the Polytechnics Mauritius in Montagne Blanche earlier on today, Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth, emphasised the importance for the youth to discover their capabilities and unlock their potentials in various fields.

“The Mauritian youth will be called upon to assume major roles in reshaping the nation’s future and contribute to the socio-economic development of the country. It is essential to equip them with life-long learning opportunities and equip them with skills for life,” he said.

Jugnauth noted that career pathways in the fields of Technical and Vocational Education and Training should be highly encouraged in order to keep pace with emerging technologies. He further added that various reforms in the education and training sector were in line with Sustainable Development Goal 4 which aims at ensuring an inclusive and equitable quality education.

“Free tertiary education, Nine-Year Basic Continuous Education Programme, introduction of Holistic Education Programme, Afterschool Sports and Fitness Programme and Emotional and Social Well-being Programme, are few examples of reforms brought in a bid to ensure the positive overall development of learners,” he explained.

The Prime Minister cautioned the students about social ills like juvenile delinquency, drug scourge and the misuse of internet, urging them to seek advice and guidance from their elders and parents and make cautious choices at the different stages of their life.

Source African Daily Voice

South Africa: National Youth Development Agency Welcomes Decision to Settle NSFAS Students’ Historic Debts


The National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) welcomes the announcement by the Minister of Higher Education and Training, Naledi Pandor to allocate nearly a billion rands for scrapping historical debts for National Students Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) funded students.

Executive Chairperson of the NYDA, Mr Sifiso Mtsweni has applauded Minister Pandor and says that “The decision is in line with meeting the demands of students across institutions of higher learning who have been raising this issue for many years, as historic debt served as the basis for exclusion of students from poor and working-class background”.

We commend the bold decisive action by the Ministry that will see over 52 414 NSFAS funded continuing student complete their studies within projected record time.

“We are confident that this decision will enable access and success since students will be able to continue with their studies and change their lives for the better” added Mtsweni

Issued by: National Youth Development Agency

Source South African Government

Namibia: Student urges youth to contribute to development


Mental independence is the basis of independent thinking, independent decision-making, and leads to independent actions and behaviour, says youth activist and a student at the University of Namibia (Unam) Alexis Wimmerth.

In an interview Wimmerth spoke about mental independence, highlighting the role it plays in achieving economic independence and eventually political independence. “Twenty-nine years of independence, as a Namibian country and a nation that is how far we have come. We are proud of our nation and proud of our achievements thus far on all different levels. The way we are using our time and on what we are focusing our minds will determine the future of this country,” says Wimmerth. She says Namibian students and youths have to invest in all things that will advance the country towards prosperity. “This is regardless of our political affiliations – the focus right now is bigger. It is on the Namibian nation. It is bigger than our ethnicity and our tribes, it is bigger than our upbringing and our culture, and it is about the development of this country.”

Wimmerth adds that for young people to be independent thinkers, they need a high level of self-sufficiency, meaning that they have to regulate their actions and own thoughts. “We have to think for ourselves and no one can claim on how we have to think, what we have to think and how we have to do it. It’s important to try to question why we think about certain things and act in certain ways,” she explains.

She also said that behavioral independence is based on mental independence, because it’s only after one can think independently that one can make independent choices in life. “We need to guide our values and our actions, and accept that we might make mistakes. If we are intellectually independent we will contribute to the social economic development of this country. Independence of thought can lead to incredible discoveries and innovations; such innovations can not only help us and our sense of self-confidence, but can also further the state of our Namibian nation.”

According to her, mental independence is the place of continuous recreation and innovation so, when youth have an idea, they should not sit on that idea. “We need to use it towards the development of this independent Namibia for us to reach economic development. Volunteer to bring a change at an old age home, volunteer to help out at a health centre, visit an orphanage and see the day-to-day activities, every small contribution will add towards a better developed Namibia,” she advises the

Source NEL

Kenya: Big 4 Agenda presents great opportunities for youth, says President Kenyatta

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Wednesday told the youth they stand to benefit from the many employment, job creation and economic empowerment opportunities presented by the Big 4 Agenda projects.

He told Kenyan youth that the transformative development blueprint presents a strong enabling platform to enable them to secure a bright future and maximize their potential.

“The Big Four Agenda provides young persons with multiple avenues for self-fulfillment, economic empowerment, dignified living and service to Kenya,” said the President when he addressed hundreds of youth at State House, Nairobi, during celebrations to honour the 2019 awardees of the President’s Award Kenya

A total of 1601 students drawn from various institutions across the country received their Gold Awards under the President’s Award Kenya Programme whose role is to nurture key values of teamwork, resilience, hard work, determination, leadership, perseverance, community service, discipline, self-reliance and pragmatic thoughts for tangible solutions.

The winners were drawn from national institutions which included academies, secondary schools and universities (both private and public), Borstal institutions, technical institutes and the National Youth Service.

The President said the Big-4 agenda programmes are structured to support the development of education, infrastructure, Information Communication Technology, the arts, culture and sports among other sectors, all aimed at benefiting the youth.

“It is the most exciting and rewarding time to be a young person in our nation’s history,” the President told the over 2000 youths.

He added: “You are fortunate to be living in an exciting time, full of opportunities that previous generations could not even have dreamed of.”

The President challenged young people to avoid falling for the lures of modern life by wasting their youth and vigour in pursuits and actions that add no value to their lives.

“Use your time, energy and effort well; take advantage of the facilitative measures that the government has put in place, be dedicated and diligent, and you will prosper beyond your wildest dreams,” he said

President Kenya enumerated other opportunities that the government has recently tapped into and which are highly beneficial for the youth.

“The digital era and my government’s commitment to fostering the innovations and creativity of young Kenyans is bound to open up new frontiers for you and your peers,” he told the youth.

The President said the decisive action to reinvigorate the education system through a new curriculum, government focus on digital learning and the development of ICT infrastructure and equipment, the ongoing connection of all public schools to the electricity grid and the seamless 100 percent transition for all learners to secondary school marks a new era for Kenya’s youth.

“These interventions are intended to ensure that our young persons are provided with the positive and enabling environment to excel inside and outside the classroom, to acquire the skills and know-how to navigate the modern world, to be self-reliant and innovative and to have a holistic learning experience,” he said.

The President urged the awardees to be the country’s brand ambassadors for courtesy, civic responsibility, community service and action, integrity, hard work and excellence.

Other speakers at the ceremony included sports CS Ambassador Amina Mohammed and the President’s Award Kenya Executive Director Nellie Munala.

Source KBC

Ghana: Youth Want SDGs Taught In JHS, SHS

By Modern Ghana

The convener for Youth Coalition for promotion of the Sustainable Development Goals in Northern Ghana, Mr. Gaeten Agbaam has called on government to initiate steps aimed at mainstreaming the SDGs into the curriculum of basic and senior high schools.

This according to Mr. Agbaam will enable young people to become exposed to the SDGs at a very early stage in life and therefore be more willing to take action for the realization of the global goals.

Speaking to both students and teachers of the Tamale Senior High School in Tamale at the commencement of his maiden SDG Tour to Senior High Schools in Ghana, Mr. Agbaam explained that the adoption of sustainable development goals represents a strong commitment by both national governments and the international community at ensuring a better world for all humanity.

He, therefore, opined that as part of measures to operationalize this commitment the government of Ghana should consider mainstreaming teaching of the SDGs into the national curriculum for basic and senior high schools so as to enhance broad base education on these goals amongst the youth of the country who inevitably represent its future.

Mr. Agbaam also called on the student themselves to develop an interest in extra curricular activities that contribute to enhancing environmental sustainability since the effect of climate change and vulnerability are fast becoming so real and well seen in the three northern regions of Ghana.

Mr. Gaeten Agbaam also used the occasion to announce the coalitions maiden SDG conference for Northern Ghana which is scheduled to take place in Tamale on the 20th April 2019.

He explained that the conference was aimed at raising awareness and educating the youth about the Sustainable Development Goals and the need to strive towards achieving them.

He, therefore, called on all students and young people between the ages of 18-30 years to register for the conference since it represents the very first of its kind in the region.

Mr. Agbaam also applauded the Headmistress and staff of the Tamale Senior High school for buying into the SDG agenda and for giving him the chance to talk to the student body.

Other members of the coalition who were also present at the tour included Mr. David Baako Larweh, Miss. Sandra Tom Dery, Mr.Hyginus Laari and Mr. Fuseini Farouk Lamin.

The next phase of the SDG tour is expected to take place in the Bono region.

Source Modern Ghana