Google partners with Kenya Scouts Association to launch Web Rangers

The Kenya Scouts Association, with the support of Google Tuesday launched the 2019 edition of Web Rangers, a youth programme for online safety at an event to mark Safer Internet Day.

The initiative has been implemented in over 15 countries and was launched in Kenya in 2015. This year, Web Rangers is expanding its reach and is targeting 90,000 scouts and 50,000 scout leaders in the country.

Google is also collaborating with Kenya Scouts Association, CODE-IP Trust and the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development to launch an online safety manual.

Approximately 1.4 million scouts and 50,000 scout leaders and trainers are expected to receive the Kenya Scouts Association Online Safety Learners’ Handbook and Teachers’ Guide, which will provide counsel on how to safely navigate online platforms.

In a speech read on her behalf by Dr. Francis Owino, Principal Secretary in the State Department for Youth Affairs , Prof. Margaret Kobia, Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Public Service, Youth & Gender Affairs said:

“I consider the safe and responsible use of the internet to be a vital skill for the virtuous and patriotic youth of the 21st century… Programmes such as Google’s Web Rangers and its partnership with the Kenya Scouts Association are a very welcome complement to the work that parents, teachers, guardians and the Government do in building a better world for our children.”

“Google is proud to be a partner of the Kenya Scouts Association, Kenya’s largest youth movement, in scaling the Web Rangers program to empower an even greater number of young people to be safe and responsible users of the Internet,” said Mr. Michael Murungi, Google’s Policy & Government Relations Lead for East Africa.

According to McAfee Security, 87% of youth today have witnessed cyberbullying, while nearly 69% have experienced it.

This year, the Safer Internet Day theme is: “Together for a better Internet”. The slogan is a call to action for all stakeholders to join together and play their part in creating a better internet for everyone, and especially for younger users.

Moses Danda, the National Executive Commissioner, Kenya Scouts Association said: “The Kenya Scouts Association is the largest youth movement in Kenya, with the objective of developing young people into responsible, active citizens who will positively contribute towards societal progress. Under the Kenya Web Rangers Programme, Kenyan Scouts will now be ambassadors of safe adventuring and exploration of not only the physical space but the online space as well.”

From cyberbullying to social networking, each year, Safer Internet Day aims to raise awareness of emerging issues connected to usage of online platforms.

According to Mr. Alex Gakuru, Executive Director, CODE-IP Trust, the Web Rangers programme has far reaching benefits for the Kenya Scouts Association and young people in Kenya.

“Introducing Web Rangers to Kenya Scouts was analogous to reuniting two separated twins which practically made implementing the programme much easier, incredibly successful and fun too. Attributed to the Fundamentals of Scouting being a natural fit with Web Rangers values on peer-to-peer approach in tackling online challenges thereby making a better internet for our youth. Thanks to Google for the support.”

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Kenya: Mathare Youth Launch Slum Clean Up to Celebrate Bob Marley Birthday

By Amina Wako

Wednesday, February 6, 2019 should have been the 74th birthday of the Jamaican reggae legend Bob Marley.

Though Bob Marley died in May 1981, his music has lived through the time and it’s evident by the ever-growing list of accomplishments attributable to his music, which advocated for social change.

In celebrating Marley’s birthday, the Mathare Roots Youth Group organized a cleanup in their community. Marley’s words “live for yourself and you will live in vain. Live for others, and you will live again.” are some of the inspirational words the youth in the slum live by.

“Marley has been an inspiration to most of us from the slums and we wanted to celebrate this day by making our community a clean place to live in. Bob Marley advocated for social change and that is what we do every single day. We try and be impactful to our community,” said Lucas Odhiambo, Group coordinator at Mathare Roots Youth Group.


Bob’s story of inspiration began when he was young. He grew up in a place where the crime was glorified and his only way out was music. Through the music, he escaped the dangerous gang violence but he never forgot his hometown.

“He took on a series of community projects, at one time supporting more than 6,000 people with food, jobs, and housing. He invested in schools and infrastructure in Jamaica,” according to the Encyclopedia of World Biography.

In Mathare, Lucas is among the many youths who have been working with UN-Habitat to rehabilitate their community. The rehabilitation projects include environment and solid waste management, community, and resource mobilization, capacity building among the communities and addressing cross-cutting issues including HIV and AIDs, alcohol, drug and substance abuse and insecurity among others.

The clean-up was launched in October last year as the world marked World Habitat Day.

UN-Habitat Executive director Maimunah Mohd Sharif launched the campaign with the aim of reducing the amount of global waste.

“The response has been positive but the challenge is most people are out hustling even on Saturday but we always do the clean-up” Added Lucas.

“Our monthly cleanup exercise has witnessed increased participation from youth and women groups, the private sector and resident associations among other key players in the city. We hope that all city residents will take it as part of their routine even as we embrace our clean up slogan my waste my responsibility,” said Nairobi Mike Sonko.

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Kenya: Africa’s Growing Economies, Youth Create E-Waste Challenge

Mohammed Yusuf

The growing use of mobile phones, computers, and televisions in Africa has left the continent with huge amounts of electronic waste. According to the United Nations Environment Program, 40 percent of the world’s electronic dumpsites are found in Africa. To reduce the growing problem, a group in Kenya is helping manage E-waste through local and exported recycling. Mohammed Yusuf reports from Nairobi.

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Kenya: Football betting has saved many of our youth — fans

By Chrispine Magak

News that the President of Uganda — Yoweri Museveni – had banned betting shocked many in the region.

That Museveni has directed his government not to issue or renew licences to sports betting firms has not gone down well with the youth, including those in Kenya.

Pablo Escobar, a staunch Gor Mahia fan and an ‘investor’ who has been placing bets since 2014 — when SportPesa set foot in Kenya — is completely against the idea of banning sports betting.

While recalling his highest win on SportPesa, the businessman explained how important betting is to jobless youth.

“Hii kitu imesaidia wakenya wengi sana. I remember it like yesterday, when I won Sh95,000 on a multi-bet. Betting ikiisha pia mimi naisha (if betting is banned, that will be the end of me),” he told Let’s Bet.

His counterpart, James Orito, a strong AFC Leopards fan also involved in Ingwe Fan TV channel, expressed the same feelings, but with a rather different view. He says sports betting should not be banned in Kenya because the industry forms the backbone of sports in the country.

“Even in my weirdest imagination, sports betting should never be banned in Kenya. Let what happens in Uganda be, but not in Kenya. Teams and leagues sponsored by betting companies would be big the losers,” he said.

Halima Hanii, who has been betting for eight months, and has pocketed Sh45, 898 as her highest winning, can’t imagine that sports betting can be banned anywhere.

“The Kenyan government should not think of banning betting because it has become a side-hustle for many people. In fact, most people depend on betting to pay their rents, buy food and pay other bills,” she told Let’s Bet.

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African Energy Indaba announces youth energy innovator award nominees

The nominees from around Africa will exhibit their products at an exhibition running concurrently with a conference in Johannesburg next month.

The African Energy Indaba on Thursday announced five nominees for its youth energy innovator awards which focuses on innovations to improve lives on the continent and provide a platform for young people to create energy-efficient, affordable, and cost-effective products.

The nominees will exhibit their products at an exhibition running concurrently with a conference in Johannesburg next month.

They include Bongajum Lesley Ndzi, a Cameroonian living in Senegal who is endeavouring to bring light to students who need to study in the evening, and ultimately electricity to rural villages via a power-bike kit.

Bonface Jiveri from Kenya is converting fruit-peeling cellulose biomass and eggshells into a patented Bio-alkanol gel fuel. It is being adopted for use in the Lake Victoria basin of Kenya and Kagera, the transboundary basin of Uganda and Tanzania.

Jiveri’s innovation has facilitated a reduction in malaria in the area and an improvement in income revenue due to the recycling of farm produce.

Zambia’s Chifungu Samazaka has invented a peer-to-peer gas microgrid system that allows off-grid communities to access low cost and environmentally friendly cooking fuel. His innovation has become a more accessible and affordable alternative to charcoal, firewood, or electricity off-grid consumers.

Hashim Mutanje from Uganda is utilising his expertise and team from the Energy Demand Data Aggregation platform to assist and enable energy suppliers to efficiently plan their energy consumption while serving the needs of rural communities including small businesses.

Tanzania’s Victoria Ngayamgunda is utilising agro-waste to make charcoal briquettes, an affordable and clean energy option for use in cooking.

African Energy Indaba managing director Liz Hart said: “We want to foster inspirational and innovative thinking, starting with our talented African youth and provide them with a platform to access new markets, teach them about how to present their product to the market and expose them to the larger international audience.

“The programme has delivered huge success for past years’ nominees and we are delighted to host this initiative for the third year.”

The Africa Energy Indaba brings together leading energy players to unlock business opportunities across the continent.

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Kenya: Ruto not isolated by Uhuru – Mombasa youth

By John Karisa

In Summary

  • Uhuru appointed Interior CS Fred Matiang’i the overall supervisor of government projects.
  • Matiang’i will be reporting directly to Uhuru under the new structure.
  • Pundits say the new roles given to Matiang’i points to a scheme to edge DP Ruto out of centre of power.

The appointment of Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’I to the post of chairman of the National Development Implementation and Communication should not be seen as a political ploy by President Kenyatta to clip his deputy William Ruto, a Mombasa youth group has said.

The youth claim Uhuru was right to appoint Matiang’i since the CS has a good performance track record.

“The nation is embracing the handshake and therefore those who have political ambitions should wait until 2022.

“Matiangi’s appointment should not be seen as political move to block Ruto. It is time to deliver for electorates and not politics,” said Moses Aran, Mombasa county youth leader.

Their sentiments come in the wake of heated debate that Uhuru had eclipsed Ruto from the seat of power and isolated him.

While addressing the media at Uhuru Gardens, the youths threw their weight behind Matiang’i claiming he has the potential to deliver in his new appointment.

“We all believe in our president so whatever he did we support him fully. We applaud the president for his new move because Matiang’i has proven that he is able to deliver. Let’s work together regardless of our political affiliations,” added Miraj Abdalla, women youth rep in Mombasa.

Matiang’i will now be chairing meetings that bring together all Cabinet secretaries, the Attorney-General and the Head of Civil Service Joseph Kinyua.

The president’s move, however, drew mixed reactions from a cross section of leaders with some of DP allies saying it could be a move to undermine him.

The president delegated the powers to Matiang’i in an Executive Order that for the first time hands a CS an expansive responsibility to chair and coordinate government development programmes and projects.

The youth from different political affiliations unanimously vowed to work together as they called on leaders within Mombasa county to embrace the handshake deal for the common good of the county regardless of the political affiliations.

“Divisive politics is shunning our youth behind and that is what we should codemn, as youth we should be united to ensure that we take up leadership of the country,” added Abubakar Swabir.

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