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5 Habits To Cultivate Strong Self-Discipline In Your Life

By Jari Roomer If you regularly read my articles, you’ll notice that I’m more in favour of building strong habits, creating a supportive environment and knowing how to truly motivate yourself compared to focusing too heavily on self-discipline. If you get the first three elements right, it makes hard work much easier and more enjoyable compared to just disciplining yourself. […]

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6 Daily Habits To Make Motivation Flow Effortlessly

By Jari Roomer Learning how to motivate yourself is one of the most powerful skills you can learn in life. Motivation is definitely not something random (even though it sometimes feels like it is). There’s a psychology behind why you feel motivated or unmotivated. In today’s self-development landscape it’s very popular to glorify self-discipline and to disregard motivation. I completely […]

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How do I stay away from violence, hatred and all the bad things?

Azugbene Solomon By knowing that all these are acts of low consciousness. They do not benefit anyone ever. The reason people indulge in them is to gratify their weak egos and have a momentary release. Our subconscious mind is extremely powerful and can either enrich or destroy our lives. Indulging in anti social behaviour leaves negative imprints on it, therefore […]

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Young Voices are strong together

By Azugbene Solomon Do you know your voice can help paint a picture of original insight of change across Africa continent? “Give voice to what you know to be true, and do not be afraid of being disliked or exiled. I think that’s the hard work of standing up for what you see.” – Eve Ensler “When we speak we […]

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How to build self-confidence

By Azugbene Solomon “Low self-esteem is like driving through life with your hand brake on.” — Maxwell Maltz Nobody is born with limitless self-confidence. If someone seems to have incredible self-confidence, it’s because he or she has worked on building it for years. Self-confidence is something that you learn to build up because the challenging world of business, and life […]

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True Love is Scary

By Azugbene Solomon Falling in love with someone is one of the most beautiful things in the world, but what fairy-tales don’t reveal is that it is S C A R Y! It’s actually one of the scariest emotions I have ever felt and all it takes is one person to make you feel it. Just ONE person. The right […]

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How To Be Happy Always

By Azugbene Solomon You want to be a happy person. So do I. And there’s a good reason for it. A growing body of research tells us happiness isn’t just a lovely feeling — it’s also quite good for you. It’s been linked to a load of life benefits including a higher income, a stronger immune system, and even a […]

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Find Your Purpose In Life

By Azugbene Solomon The combination of a successful career, a loving family, and a strong social network may seem like the recipe for a perfect life. However, even those who can check each of those boxes might feel like something is missing—and that “something” is their purpose in life. “Finding your purpose” is more than just a cliché or a […]

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Mentoring The Youth Matters

By Azugbene Solomon We understand the benefits of mentoring young people when we hear the powerful stories of teens whose lives have been changed by a single, caring adult. If you listen, those stories are everywhere. Like me, you likely have a story of a mentor from your own youth. What we know about mentoring is that it matters to […]