All African Youth Platform (AAYP) is designed to help build and nurture the average African youth for progress and sustainable development to achieve their goals.


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Our mission is to impact and develop Africa young men & women with active and creative minds, to have sense of understanding and compassion for others, to have courage to act on their beliefs, and to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.

Team Members

Get to know AAYP team members

Ndu Oriji


  • Email: Nduoriji@gmail.com
  • TEL: +2347033219178
  • Nationality: Nigeria

Gurama Habu Lawal

The AAYP Coodinator, Northern Nigeria.

  • Email: sankurmee9ja71@gmail.com
  • Twitter: @LawalGurama
  • TEL: +2348161737059
  • Nationality: Nigerian

Zvobgo Luckson

Environmental Expert, MSc in Water Science, Policy and Management from the University of Oxford, PhD in Environmental and Geographical University of Cape Town. Community & Rural Development, Climate Education. Founder & member of Zimbabwe Youth Initiative for Environmental Research and Advocacy (ZYIERA); Communications and Information Director for Zimbabwe Youth Arise.

Onunwa Chima Patheleon

A member of America Society of Microbiologist, Educationist, Audio Engineer, Industrial and Environmental Expert

  • Email: onunwachima@gmail.com
  • Twitter: @Iam_ Chima_ Jnr
  • TEL: +2347065683689
  • Nationality: Nigeria

Solomon Suleiman Azugbene

Human Rights Activist, Youth Advocate, and Founder & CEO All African Youth Platform. Bsc in Geography/Regional and Planning from the University of Benin.

  • Email: solomonazugbene@gmail.com
  • Twitter: @ssazugbene
  • TEL: +2348110496525
  • Nationality: Nigeria

Oliver T. Mhuriro

Youth Development Practitioner trained with Commonwealth Youth Program & Commonwealth Higher Education Consortium for Youth Work (CHEC4YW). African Youth and Governance Convergence (AYGC) Former Advisory Board Member at Model United Nations, Pakistan (MUN-Pak)

  • Email: omhuriro33@gmail.com
  • Twitter: @omhuriro33
  • TEL: +264812280714
  • Nationality: Zimbabwe

Okon-Akan Omolabake

Environmental Expert & Lecturer at Federal College of Forestry, Ibadan, Under Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria.

Cynthia Ekwueme

Cynthia is a microbiologist and she’s passionate and interested in empowering women and youths with relevant skills such as cosmetology where they get to learn production of different cosmetics and homeuse products, Ankara crafts works, shoe and bag making hairstyling, sewing baking skincare etc. To enable them become self independent and Jobe creators.

  • Email: cynthiasomy@gmail.com
  • Twitter: @cynthiaekwueme1
  • TEL: +2548068892384
  • Nationality: Nigerian

All African Youth Platform. is a youth – serving & charitable organization

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Youth Peace Building.

Our main objective is to help promote peace among Africa Youths, also to encourage Africa youths to pursue peaceful and productive paths in their lives

Youth in Politics.

Our goal is to help encourage the Africa youths to get more involve in political career and leadership positions in their societies.

Youth in Sports.

Our goal is to make Africa Youths more competitive with the rest of the world in various sports competitions with our workshop programs and physical exercise training.