How to Reach the Right People

By Frank McKinley

What I learned about marketing after trying to do too much.

Do you want to win over the world?
That’s the dream we buy into when we have something to say or sell.

It’s appealing to have an office 10 feet from your bed. The thought of having my car’s tires dry rot from not having to drive over 100 miles a day to work is a big motivator. Being able to schedule coffee and a nap is pretty sweet, too.

That day will come.

The question we all want answered is, “How on earth do I make my dream come true?”

Then we start looking for shortcuts. Magic pills. Answers in a box. A one-size-fits-all solution that we can turn the key on and instantly find millions of dollars in the bank.

If only!

Here’s what some “overnight” successes have to say:

“I was 40 years old before I became on overnight success, and I’d been publishing for 20 years.” — Mary Karr, bestselling author of The Liar’s Club
“My dad told me, ‘It takes fifteen years to become an overnight success’, and it took me seventeen and a half.” — Adrien Brody, the youngest actor ever to win the Best Actor Academy Award
“It took about 10 years’ time for

Shopify to be an overnight success.” — Tobias Lutke, Founder and CEO of Shopify I’m not saying your success path will take forever. But it will probably take longer than you think and the path doesn’t come with a map.

My Story, Briefly

A few months ago, I made the mistake of buying Gary Vaynerchuk’s Crush It.
One of the first messages in that book is that if you want to succeed you should spend about 7 hours a night on your passion and sleep the other three. Since you’ll have to keep your day job while you’re waiting, you have to crush it.

I was already tired from doing too much, so I quit reading the book.
I asked my mentor for a book on marketing. He suggested one that on the surface doesn’t look like a marketing book, Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown.

It was just the message I needed. 180 degrees in the other direction. No more beating myself into a pulp trying to crush it.

I had some big projects on my plate I had to finish. So I immediately began to think about what really mattered and what didn’t.

Should I check Facebook, email, Twitter, and Medium 10,000 times a day?

Should I take my phone with me everywhere so I can get in one more news article, one more social media comment, or one more idea in my notepad?

Should I spend all day listening to books so I can learn something new?
No, no, and a resounding hell no.
What I learned has literally changed my life so much, I feel like I’m walking out of prison after a million years of self-sabotage.

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5 Fast Rising African Designers To Watch In 2019


Since time immemorial, African culture has been synonymous with colour and style and it is this unique blend of raw originality that has driven global demand for African fashion.

A new age of ambitious and motivated designers are bent on further challenging the status quo and the following are a few of them that have caught our eye;

Emmanuel Okoro (Emmy Kasbit)

Emmanuel Okoro, the creative director of Emmy Kasbit a contemporary unisex fashion brand has continued to show great consistency with the quality of his designs over the years.

His breakout collection in 2014 The Definition showed the world a whole new creative side of the designer. He boasts of a remarkable clientele which includes big names like Omotola Jalade Ekehinde, Beverly Naya, Yemi Alade among others. In 2018 he had the honour of styling Theresa May when she was in Nigeria.

In 2018 he emerged the winner of the 5,000,000 Fashion Focus Fund to support his business.

Destiny Nwadire (DNA By Iconic Invanity)

Destiny Nwadire is a 20-year-old Nigerian designer under Iconic Invanity, a fashion brand founded by her mother Nancy Nwadire. Although her mother was a big source of inspiration, Nwadire had to transition and become her own person.

A successful feat as she debuted her first collection at the young age of 16 at the 2015 Lagos Fashion Week (LFW) alongside bigwigs in the Nigerian fashion industry like Mai Atafo, Lanre Da Silva, Orange Culture among others.

She wowed the crowd with her collection and in 2018 she again showcased her Spring/Summer ’18 collection at LFW and it was recognised by Elle magazine’s as one of the “10 brands to know from Lagos Fashion Week”.

Thebe Magugu

Thebe Magugu is a young fashion designer with a passion to create original couture and draws inspiration from the women who played important roles in his life.

His eponymous fashion label makes women’s apparel that complies with and enhances the everyday. He has contributed his views regarding modern fashion and South African youth culture to publications including The Times and Flux Trends.

His work has been featured in magazines worldwide like Vogue, Teen Vogue and Elle South Africa, and in 2018 he showcased his SS ’18 collection at Arise Fashion Week in Lagos, alongside reputable African designers like Oswald Boateng.

Hana Himmi (HimmiH)

Holland-born Moroccan designer Hana Himmi draws her inspiration from the culture of her country; mixing it all up with the wealth of designing experience she picked up from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute where she added formal education to her natural talent.

Hana has lived in Dubai, Istanbul, Hong Kong and Shanghai. She has also travelled the world, picking chunks of inspirations to eventually create the collections for her HimmiH label. Her aim is for her brand to stand for feminism and elegance.

Himmi has always been a passionate artist. She sees designing beautiful dresses as her main goal in life alongside helping women feel more beautiful through fashion.

Ifeanyi Nwune (I.N Official)

Ifeanyi Nwune is a Nigerian unisex designer who started his career in fashion professionally while he was in the university and since then he has gone on to achieve so much more acclaim for his unique style and impeccable designs.

Nwune and his team which comprises of popular celebrity stylist Joseph Usiagwu have a reputation for styling notable names like Keith Powers, Jeremy Meeks, Runtown, Dave East, M.I, Wale, and a host of others.

Most recently his brand I.N Official had an exclusive presentation to showcase their Fall/Winter ‘18 collection to high-end buyers and influential personalities. This isn’t peculiar to the designer as he targets the high-end market for the exhibition of his collections and he sells out almost every time.

Source Guardian Nigeria