Nigeria: Youth Involvement in Ballot Boxes Snatching Must be Avoided – Lawal

Mr Lawal Gurama/Political Analyst & All Africa Youths Platform (AAYP) Member

By Azugbene Solomon

Mr Lawal Gurama, the political analyst and member of All Africa Youths Platform (AAYP), condemned the involvement of youth in ballot boxes snatching in some voting polling units centers in Saturday’s 23rd March 2019.

He said this while he was online interview with AAYP Media Twitter Handle @aayp_media.

What is your opinion about the youth snatching ballot boxes for bad politicians?

“Actually, youth involvement in ballot boxes snatching must be avoided for our democratic system not to go astray.

Youth helping some nonchalant politicians to archive self political goal against any nation interest will hold that nation hostage not to progress.”

Is it right for any youth to be killed for stealing ballot boxes?

” Nothing is wrong in killing ballot boxes snatches against a state, which is enough to kill any nation’s growth.”

What is your advice or warning for any youth working for bad politicians?

“Youths should create a job or fined something doing than helping undermining their fruitful future and destroying their greater tomorrow in carrying out services for fraudulent mischievous politicians.” Lawal said.

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