NGO Undertakes Drug Abuse Campaign At Navrongo SHS in Ghana

By Alika Gabriel

Foundation Against Drug Abuse – Ghana known as FADA-GH, youth advocacy and a non-profit organization with the sole aim of mobilizing individuals from all walks of life to effectively fight against the abuse of drugs among the Ghanaian youth through has embarked on a health education outreach and counseling services at the Navrongo Senior High School (NAVASCO ) in the Upper East Region of Ghana.

As part of the foundation’s mission of creating awareness on the negative impact of drug abuse on the individual’s health, the society and country at large, the CEO of FADA GH Mr. Alika Gabriel, who is a Physician Assistant student decided to tour both the Northern and Southern sectors of the country of to spread the message to the masses.

In view of this, the commencement of the northern sector tour was observed in NAVASCO where Mr. Alika together with some members of the foundation embarked on a health education programme.

It was also meant to give a health talk on drug abuse. The target audience were the students, teaching and non-teaching staff of NAVASCO.

In his speech, during the program, He talked on a wide range of subjects relating to the abuse of drugs touching on the term drug abuse where the emphasis was made on the drug called Tramadol which has become the most commonly abused drug today.

He had said Tramadol also is known in the market as Ultram or Ultracet, a prescription that relieves pain and is used for the treatment of moderate pain.

Its actions of mechanism in the body is characterized by the inhibition of the mu-opioid receptor and also inhibition of the re-uptake of serotonin and norepinephrine in the brain.

He made it clear that once an individual takes in a drug under no prescription thus usually self-medication leading to the misuse or wrong application of the drug, then the drug has been subjected to abuse.

Mr.Gabriel Alika , also made known to his audience the consequences or effects of abusing drugs where he stated that the effects of drug abuse can be classified into either long-term effects or short-term (immediate) effects.

He indicated that though Tramadol itself inhibits the mu-opioid receptor, it’s metabolites have a stronger affinity to the mu-opioid receptor leading to some desirable effects such as analgesia, euphoria, lack of inhibition, and mellowed effects.

Effects such as nausea, drowsiness, appetite loss, dizziness, insomnia, excessive sweating, and vomiting may also occur and these are classified as immediate effects.

He added that, if a drug user constantly practices the use of the drug over a period of time and develops resistance or tolerance to the drug, then the user in order to achieve the desired effects of the drug may subject himself or herself to an overdose or basically an abuse 9f the drug.

When this occurs, certain long term effects such as neurological toxicity which may result in comas and seizures, respiratory failure, mild cardiovascular disruptions leading to hypertension and tachycardia, and serotonin syndrome which is characterized by a marked increased concentration of serotonin in the synapses between neurons in the brain may be observed.

He also made mention of some general cause of drug abuse where he talked about curiosity, per influence, ignorance, over dependency, and among others.

The concerned campaigner also touched on the relationship between addiction and mental health where he made mention of the increased prevalence of substance abuse in patients reporting mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety and also the experiencing of hallucinations while using or withdrawing from a drug presenting a more of a psychiatric crisis instead of addiction crisis due to overlapping symptomatology.

Mr. Alika further urged all individuals present to abstain from the use of unprescribed drugs and also the abuse of drugs while encouraging whoever amongst them already in the practice to put a stop to it in order to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

Before the FADA GH team left NAVASCO, they made sure a legacy was left behind. In this light, the senior girls’ prefect of the school was presented with a FADA GH branded attire and also the campaign ambassador on campus.

Source Modern Ghana

7 Things That Can Destroy The Life Of Any Young Man

By Danceville

There are many things that can destroy the life of a young man, hurt their destiny, stop their growth, slow their progress or block their advancement in life.All young men should know this things and avoid them.

1. Living Without Purpose And Vision

A friend of mine once said, “Guys of nowadays love Television buh don’t have Vision “.This is nothing buh the truth.Most guys don’t have vision, aspiration or even a plan for tomorrow.You can’t be the best in any trade if you don’t have anything you’re pursuing.

2. Alcohol And Drug

The use of alcohol and drug is another way young men ruin their lives.When a young man is exposed to drug and alcohol at a very tender age, the effects goes beyond what they ever expect in life, as they easily get inducted into the dark world of crime.

3. Wrong Association

The company a young man walks with, will ultimately determine what he will become.Choose your friends wisely.Some friends are multipliers while some are destroyers.A wise man once said “Show me your friends and I can accurately predict your future.The company you keep determines your accomplishments.

4. Crime

Wrong association and information, leads to drugs and alcohol usage.The resultant effects are crime, gang fights, cultism, armed robbery murder etc. At the end, the law catches up with those young ones and helps them waste many years in the college for stubborn and foolish prison yards.

5. Sexual Immoralities

Lust, fornication, pornography, rape, masturbation etc are all sexual immoralities and serves as a media the devil uses to destroy the life of young men.Don’t expose yourself to them, don’t company with those that are involved in it because it will end up destroying you.

6. Laziness

Hatred of work, oversleeping, indolent lifestyle is dangerous to the life of any single man.A man, I mean a real man should be bold enough to work, he must be a man of the field, planting and harvesting for his future.When a man is a lover of his bed, lazy and lukewarm, there’s no way he will not serve his mates and live in abject poverty and penury throughout is lifetime.

Last buh not the least..

7. Love Of Money

Love of money is a great destroyer of many young men nowadays.Some even results in rituals, that later end up their lives soon.Don’t think without money, you can’t reach that place you desired to be.. And always remember, Vanity Upon Vanity, All Is Vanity.


This thread is meant for everybody.The way young men is destroying their lives in this Society, is appalling.Are you guilty of any of these? Please it isn’t too late to make a CHANGE…

I drop my pen at this Juncture.

Feel free to add yours.

Please share this post among your friends..

You might just SAVE A SOUL..

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Please help me to give this thread a wider coverage.A soul might be save through this post.

The drug abuse problem across Africa is finally drawing global attention

By Yomi Kazeem

The United Nations is shining the spotlight on rampant drug abuse and trafficking across African cities.

In a briefing to the United Nations Security Council, Yury Fedotov, head of the UN’s office on drugs and crime says his office is “registering new alarming trends on drug trafficking in West and Central Africa with disruptive and destabilizing effects on governance, security, economic growth, and public health.”

The agency says west, north and central Africa jointly account for 87% of all pharmaceutical opiates seized globally.

Drug abuse—particularly of opioids like codeine and Tramadol—is a problem governments in the regions have attempted to tackle. In March, Quartz Africa wrote about the problem of youth addiction to opioids spreading across Africa. After a BBC investigation in May uncovered large-scale corruption at major pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria, the government banned importation and production of codeine-based cough syrups.

For its part, Ghana’s food and drug agency has also tried to regulate the opioid imports. But the effectiveness of these measures will depend on shutting down transit routes in neighboring Benin which was named the world’s second largest destination for Indian Tramadol in 2016 by the US State Department. Recent evidence suggests the efforts remain futile: Nigerian officials seized over half a billion tablets of Tramadol in two high-profile raids at the country’s biggest port over last month.

The drug abuse problem in Africa’s cuts across societal classes as UN’s drug agency estimates there were more than 34 million cannabis users and 1.8 million cocaine users in west and central Africa in 2016. Unlike expensive narcotics, opioids are more easily accessible as they mostly cost less than $5.

Many young people across the continent are also turning to a range of unconventional concoctions—including smoking lizard dung and sniffing urine, petrol and fermented sewage—for a cheap high. Crucially, the UN agency also estimates that only one in 18 drug users with addiction issues have access to appropriate medical treatment.

This article was first published on Quartz Africa