Create self- employed jobs-minister tells Zanzibar youth

CURRENTLY Zanzibar has many opportunities and avenues awaiting innovative and entrepreneurial young people to use them, create jobs for themselves and employ counterparts, the Minister for Labour, Empowerment, Elders, Women and Children, Maudline Castico said here yesterday.

Officiating the Career Fair 2019, which is part of the Youth and Employment Programme (Vijana na Ajira -VNA), organised by Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) Tanzania, the minister said with abundance of opportunities in Zanzibar awaiting exploitation by resourceful minds, it was no point for young people stay idle in search of employment in the formal sector.

“You should not wait for government jobs,” she told students and graduates during the one-day event held at State University of Zanzibar,

She called on the trainees to make good use of what they had learnt and become competitive in the labour market.

The minister said entrepreneurship was the best option for job creation in Tanzania because of the conducive and pro-business environment, urging the participants to emulate successful local investors, citing Salim Bakhresa and Dr Reginald Mengi, because, she said, the pair had a humble beginning.

“It can be done, just play your part. You can establish your companies, employ yourselves and employ fellow youths,” the minister told a quasi-stunned audience of young people. She explained that the logic behind the government’s emphasis on diversified the economy, was to hasten job creation for young people, including graduates.

Nonetheless she urged the companies, which participated at the fair to employ young people without hindrances. She warned against bribes, particularly sexual favours at work places.

The minister said self-discipline was paramount in transforming the society and warning against laziness and the business as usual behaviour among government workers. She said some young people preferred government jobs because of the existing weak supervision.

She thanked the event organiser and sponsors for giving their priorities on employment particularly for the youth, saying the government commended the initiative.

The senior social performance advisor shell exploration and production Tanzania Limited, Msomisi Mbena, urged participants to form enterprises and become self-reliant. Shell Tanzania has been main sponsor of this programme since 2016 and hadorganised three career fairs since then.

Mbena said the programme helps young people to meet labour market requirements, while exposing them to potential employers.

The VSO Tanzania programme manager, Frank Jirabi, said the scheme had benefited over 5000 youths since 2015 when it was started and over 100 companies taking part during the period.

“Our key stakeholders come from hotels, construction sectors, financial institutions and entrepreneurial groups. We are proud of them all.”

Source IPP Media