Ghana Youth Guide To Empower 1,000 Girls In Northern Region

By Abdul Hanan

The Ghana Youth Guide, a non-partizan and advocacy organization based in Tamale, the Northern Regional capital is preparing to hold the maiden edition of the “Girls Conference 2019.

The conference is aimed at empowering some 1,000 teenage girls from various high schools in some selected districts in the Northern Region.

The prime focus is to build the capacity of young girls on their sexual reproductive and health rights, roles and responsibilities in order to avoid high-risk behaviors such us; early sexual intimacy, HIV/AIDS, early child marriage and drug abuse which is gradually consuming young girls in society.

Participanting districts in the upcoming conference includes; TamaleMetro, Savelugu, Walewale, Yendi, Sagnarigu, Tolon and Kumbungu respectively.

Prince Chentiwuni, CEO of Ghana EYouth Guide in an interview said experts in various fields of high professional standards would also lecture the girls on how to protect themselves against some social vices, path to career choices and self actualization.

He noted that, all relevant information regarding the conference has already been dispatched for effective participation in the conference.

Yet to fix a date and venue for the event, Mr, Chentiwuni revealed his outfit is still expecting some major sponsorship for the program considering the numbers involved.

He therefore appeals to the general public, cooperate bodies and government institution to partner in what he described as a worthy course.

Source Modern Ghana

Nigeria: We Now Anoint Our Panties Because of Yahoo Boys – Warri Girls

By Olusanjo A

With the current rate at which Yahoo Boys are now hunting for ladies’ pants, Warri girls, according to a report by Sunday Vanguard, are now taking the caution to anoint pants before putting it on.

It was gathered that undies, particularly of girls between the ages of 16 to 32, are hot cakes for use by ritualists. One pant, according to some residents, sells for as high as N250,000.

The price can be higher when the ‘boys’ confirm “ through science that the girl has not done any abortion”, Esther, another resident in the area, said. The pants are allegedly used for money ritual.

“After they finish with the pants, their owners will lose their wombs which is the real ritual”, Esther added.
Alero, who lives with her parents, said she has three adult sisters. The anointing oil and holy water, according to her, had the capacity to neutralize any evil plan of Yahoo Boys on their pants.

For Tamera, a charming lady in her late 20’s on Jakpa Road, she and her mother no longer hang their underwears on the rope outside the flat in the compound where they live.

“Because of Yahoo Boys, we no longer hang our underwears on ropes outside the flat in our compound. We live with five other tenants in our compound. There are boys in the compound too” She said
With the current rate at which Yahoo Boys are now hunting for ladies’ pants, Warri girls, according to a report by Sunday Vanguard, are now taking the caution to anoint pants before putting it on.

Since we heard the news, we have been hanging our pants in the bathroom; whether they get dry or not is no longer the issue.

We sometimes use hot iron on them to get properly dry”. When asked if they also handled their braziers in like manner, her response was spontaneous, “Yes o. No difference between pants and braziers. We hide them very well now. Ladies pants na mega bucks for Warri”.

There is also an unconfirmed incident at a shopping centre in Warri where a Yahoo Boy allegedly offered a girl fifty thousand naira to just caress her. It was a good deal , the girl thought , after all he was not going to have sex.

So they reportedly hopped into the guy’s car. After the guy finished, transfer of cash allegedly done to her account, she went to the convenience to freshen up.

“It was at the toilet she bled to death. Her friend who was with her that night was the one that raised the alarm, narrated all that happened to everyone”, a lady who did not want her name in print said.

Despite the seeming extra care on the part of many girls not to fall victim of Yahoo ritualists, some of the Yahoo Boys, Street Boys, Everywhere Stew Guys, as they are called in Warri, oftentimes boast, according to residents, “Baba God will always provide data for subscription”.

Data here means whatever they need for ritual while subscription means renewal of ritual to sustain cash flow, Vanguard reports.

Source – TheInfoNG

Kenya: Castrate men impregnating teenage girls – MPs

By Brain Otieno

Men who impregnate school girls should be castrated, youthful legislators have said.

The MPs, Senators and MCAs younger than 35 years on Friday said they will push for stiffer penalties for the culprits.

“There is no need for any task force. What for? They should be castrated,” said Murang’a woman representative Sabina Chege said.

She spoke after they met at Serena Beach Hotel in Mombasa.

Nairobi senator Johnson Sakaja said it is a shame 30 per cent of girls in Kenya get pregnant before reaching 19 years of age.

“That says a lot about our value system. We are a rotten society,” the Senator said.

He said more youth need to be included in the conversation about the Universal Health Cover.

Sakaja noted that the youth make up 70 per cent of the Kenyan population and thus no conversation about the Big Four Agenda should be held without prioritising the youth.

Ganze MP Teddy Mwambire and his Likoni counterpart Mishi Mboko said banning disco matangas is not a solution to the problem.

“This is an issue that only hurt the entertainment industries. Even when you ban disco matangas they will do it somewhere else if you don’t fix the system,” said Mwambire.

The Ganze MP said underage people engage in sexual activities even in churches.

“After Christian keshas, you find condoms strewn all over. Do these people pray with condoms?” he posed.

Source: The Star

End exclusion of youth, if we want a better tomorrow

By Aimee Manimani Nsimire

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa—“Sexual assault and embarrassment are the risks that adolescent girls face when dealing with menstruation hygiene in emergency settings, due to the lack of separation between male and female sanitation facilities.”

“Our governments should start viewing us as an asset and not a liability.” – Palesa Lefojane, United Nations Youth Advisory Panel member, Lesotho.

“In an emergency setting, no one thinks of adolescent sexual and reproductive health and rights as one of the priorities,” said Palesa Lefojane, a member of the United Nations Youth Advisory Panel in Lesotho.

“Times of exclusion should be over if ever we want a better tomorrow. Our governments should start viewing us as an asset and not a liability.”

She was speaking at a three-day workshop to equip youth representatives from eight southern African countries with knowledge and skills on youth participation in humanitarian contexts, and peace and security.

Adolescent girls at double disadvantage in emergencies

Emergencies heighten the risks and worsen the vulnerabilities of young people. In particular, adolescent girls – who are often already at a disadvantage due to gender discrimination – must overcome not only the crisis itself, but also potential abuse, violence and exploitation, which can compromise their development, violate their rights and undermine their future and the future of their country.

In spite of all these challenges, young people including adolescents can be extremely resilient and resourceful. Their dynamism and energy are assets that make them active and important agents of positive change, who are able to drive peace and security in their communities.

In East and Southern Africa, the risk of emergencies is high. Eleven out of 23 countries – Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda – are at high to very high risk of a humanitarian emergency (INFORM Index 2017).

Because a relatively high proportion of the population in the region consists of young people, they stand to make a substantial contribution during emergencies.

About 40 per cent of the 1.4 billion people living in countries impacted by crises globally are under the age of 15. Adolescents aged 10 to 19 years make up a significant proportion of the population in many conflict and post-conflict settings.

“Youth a critical component in peace building”

“I will be sharing this knowledge with youth groups that deal with sexual and reproduction health and rights, and other key populations.”

Protecting and addressing the rights and needs of young people, including adolescents, and engaging them in their unique capacities, is vital in humanitarian preparedness, response and recovery. Creating a strategic youth engagement plan is essential to involve and empower youth in the implementation of humanitarian preparedness and response mechanisms.

“The workshop was an eye opener for me because I learned how youth are a critical component in peace building. It is imperative to include us in all the stages of peace building and promotion, as we are part of the widely affected population,” said Lovejoy Mutongwiza, a journalist from 263Chat in Zimbabwe.

“Back in my country, I will be volunteering to share this knowledge with targeted groups, which include youth groups that deal with sexual and reproduction health and rights, and other key populations,” he said.

Supporting young people’s role in building sustainable peace

UNFPA, building on its comparative advantage of working with and for young people in development and humanitarian settings, plays a significant part in supporting young people’s role in building sustainable peace.

The aim of the workshop was to boost youth-led organizational capacity for and involvement in preparedness and humanitarian response, including building the resilience of young people, as well as social cohesion, peace-building and conflict prevention.

The event was organized by UNFPA East and Southern Africa Regional Office, in collaboration with UNFPA New York and the World Organization of the Scouts Movement.

Source: ReliefWeb

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