5 Habits To Cultivate Strong Self-Discipline In Your Life

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Photo by Sam Sabourin on Unsplash

By Jari Roomer

If you regularly read my articles, you’ll notice that I’m more in favour of building strong habits, creating a supportive environment and knowing how to truly motivate yourself compared to focusing too heavily on self-discipline. If you get the first three elements right, it makes hard work much easier and more enjoyable compared to just disciplining yourself.

Nevertheless, you still need self-discipline as the basis for many of your decisions. Therefore, it’s a very important part of peak performance. Those who consistently make better decisions (which, in essence, is self-discipline) are the ones who get ahead in life.

Your self-discipline influences whether you’re going to grab a hamburger or a salad. It influences whether you’re going for a workout or binge-watch Netflix instead.

In other words, self-discipline determines whether you’ll make an empowering or limiting decision within the moment — and that can lead to either stronger or weaker habits.

Habit #1: Cold Showers
If there’s one habit that cultivates discipline, it’s taking cold showers. When that cold water hits your skin, your mind is screaming to get out. In fact, the mental battle already starts when you’re contemplating whether or not you should take a cold shower at all.

If you then override this inner voice and stay under the cold water nevertheless, you develop a strong habit out of doing something that you don’t necessarily want to do — and that’s discipline.

Not only are cold showers great for developing strong discipline, but they also have a ton of other benefits that help you improve your performance:

  • Gets you in a ‘peak state’ instantly
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Higher level of alertness
  • Stronger immune system
  • Stimulates weight loss

All in all, try out this habit for yourself if you want to develop stronger self-discipline. Keep in mind that the first times it may feel like hell (especially the first few seconds, which are the worst). Try to calm down your breath as that will also calm down your mind, which makes it easier to follow through.

Habit 2: Meditation
Not only is meditation an amazing habit for lowering stress levels and improving your focus, but it also helps to cultivate strong discipline.

First of all, through meditation, you learn how to focus on one thing (for example, your breath) and silence inner distractions. You learn how to override the inner voice that so often talks us out of doing certain things, even though we should do them. Merely because you’re familiar with silencing your inner chatter through meditation, you’ll find it easier to overrule the inner voice when it pushes you towards procrastination at other moments during the day.

Second of all, it has been proven by science that meditation ‘strengthens’ (simplified explanation) the pre-frontal cortex, which is the area in the brain responsible for many of our executive functions such as decision-making, focus and… self-discipline. In other words, on a neurological level, your brain will find it easier to be disciplined.

Habit 3: Working Out
Exercising is another great habit to cultivate strong self-discipline. When you’re in the gym and you’re pushing yourself to go another rep or increase the weight a bit more, you train yourself to push beyond resistance — and that’s literally what discipline is. In fact, getting yourself off the couch to go for a workout already strengthens your discipline habit.

Furthermore, like meditation, exercise is proven to lead to a stronger pre-frontal cortex, which cultivates even more discipline in your life.

Habit 4: Working Distraction Free
In today’s tech-heavy world, our productivity and self-discipline suffer heavily from the constant interruptions from our smartphone, email, social media and messaging apps.

In fact, most people haven’t worked in a distraction-free environment for years, and that’s a real problem. Personally, I experience that I produce my best work when I work in a distraction-free environment. That means, no smartphone, no social media, no email, no news websites and no other tabs than the ones necessary for my work.

I make sure that I eliminate my distractions beforehand, so that I don’t even have to tap into my discipline to fight them off (which is not a sustainable strategy).

However, working in such a stimuli-deprived environment is very unusual for us and our brain. In fact, when you’re used to checking email or social media every 15 minutes, it’s quite boring to work in such an environment all of a sudden. Therefore, your brain starts to crave more stimuli. It wants dopamine hits so it can feel good and saturated again.

Yet, this craving for dopamine is exactly what makes discipline so hard, as you’re fighting a battle on a biological level (and that’s never an easy fight). It’s because of our need for dopamine hits that we eat a hamburger instead of a salad. It’s why we binge-watch Netflix instead of reading a book. Dopamine is the reason why we procrastinate instead of work hard on our tasks.

But, when you cultivate the habit of working for at least 2 hours per day free of any distractions, you slowly but surely train your brain to crave less dopamine — and that makes it easier to make the right choices over and over again (aka, be more disciplined).

On top of that, you’ll be able to produce higher quality work and finish it much faster than before as you don’t waste time and energy on mindless distractions. In fact, it has helped me reduce my average workday from 8 to 6 hours..

Habit 5: Do A Regular Dopamine ‘Fast’
As I mentioned before, the craving for dopamine hits is why it’s so hard to be disciplined sometimes. You see, every time you scroll through Instagram, watch something on YouTube or Netflix, receive likes on your Facebook post, play some Call of Duty, masturbate to porn or take a bite of a nice juicy hamburger, your brain produces a strong hit of the neurochemical dopamine.

Essentially, your brain is addicted to dopamine and it feels really good whenever dopamine is produced. Therefore, your brain will try to stimulate the repetition of the behaviour that produced the dopamine in the first place. And that’s where things go wrong for us nowadays.

As this is such a big problem for us nowadays (even though most people don’t realize it), I decided to counter it by doing a crazy experiment. I decided to do a 24-Hour Dopamine ‘Fast’

For 24 hours, I had to follow these strict rules:

  • No electronics (no phone, Netflix, laptop or video games etc.)
  • No reading of books or magazines
  • No sex or masturbation
  • No food
  • No talking
  • No music or podcasts
  • No coffee or other stimulants

The only things I practically could do were:

  • Write (with pen and paper)
  • Meditate
  • Go for walks
  • Do deep thinking
  • Visualize
  • Drink water

It’s not as terrible as it sounds. In fact, it was quite peaceful. I finally created the mind-space to think, reflect and come up with new breakthroughs.

Regularly doing a dopamine fast is like pressing the mental reset button. It helps you get out of the fast-paced dopamine-fueled world so that you can focus on the important stuff again.

I clearly noticed that after my first dopamine fast, I became much more aware of how my craving for dopamine led me to make undisciplined decisions (such as procrastinating, eating bad foods etc.) and I was able to override my inner resistance much easier because of that.

If you’re interested in doing a dopamine fast yourself, check out this article that I wrote about my own experience with it!

Note: Dopamine is not per se something bad. It’s a very complex neurochemical that is also responsible for motivation, our attention and our decision making. So dopamine isn’t the bad guy here.. It’s the fact that certain man-made pleasures abuse dopamine in unnatural ways that is the real problem here.

Now Do It
You can only improve your discipline by taking action and not by merely knowing about how to do it. Therefore, I encourage you to implement at least 3 of these habits in your own life in order to cultivate stronger self-discipline.

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Namibia News: Young woman trains women in making wigs


RUNDU – Maria Thomas (25) from Herstyle Fashion Academy specialising in beauty products, make up and wigs is going around the country to give other youths training on how to make wigs.

Wigs have become the in-thing as more women prefer using them then sitting long hours at hair salons. Some see wigs as a faster way to look good.

With this training, Thomas aims to create immediate employment for unemployed youths who are good with their hands. “As a graduate with no employment I know how it feels to have certificates, diplomas, degrees that you can’t use to receive a monthly income or any income. So I decided to employ myself and make an income and now, through my beauty shop, I’m empowering other ladies with beauty training that takes about 1-4 days and they can start their own business upon completion,” Thomas says.

Her next training is this Saturday in Rundu. She also offers support to those wanting to start a make-up or beauty related business, guiding them through business, image consultancy and marketing skills from the experience that she have gained from operating her business and life in general. “We are proud to have trained 20 students that are already operating their businesses in Windhoek, Walvis Bay, Rundu and Oranjemund since the launch of this training last August,” she says.

“Being in the hair trading industry was the driving force to begin with. Clients would request for wigs and I was not happy with the [quality] of imported ones and it was not worth my clients’ money. So I decided to learn on my own. I started making my own custom-made wigs creations and potential clients, friends and family requested if there was any way of sharing these new found skills with them. And it has always been a dream of owning a successful salon one day,” she notes.

Thomas obtained her bachelors degree in Office Management & Technology at the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST). Currently she is doing her Honours Degree in Business Management which she hopes to obtain next year. “With today’s economy, we can’t depend on the government to fund our every move as students, get out there and do something that works for you. My studies was not funded this year, and I had to do something to continue studying. For example, if you can’t find a job as an accountant, start your own accounting firm at home,” Thomas encourages.

Source: New Era

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Namibia: Young man thrives in the nail-do industry


SHIPEPE – Driven by the passion to fight poverty and create an income for himself, 27-year-old Angolan-born Sergio Manuela da Silva has breached the stereotypical view that the nail-do is a women’s job and now successfully runs a door-to-door beauty parlour in the northern towns.

Formally trained at a tender age of 15 in his home town Luanda, Da Silva also accrued skills from his mother, who is also in the trade.

He has been running a beauty parlour with his mother in his native Angola before coming to Namibia to visit a relative.

Given the financial circumstances in his home country, Da Silva said he saw an opportunity to present Namibians a chance to do their nails and hair from the comfort of their homes. Although the start was not plain sailing, he was able to create a clientele base in a short time and now boasts a good number of customers in Ondangwa, Ongwediva and Oshakati.

“I am flexible, I can go anywhere as long as there are enough customers to cover the costs,” Da Silva related.
When busy with a customer, Da Silva barely makes conversation and concentrates fully on what he is doing – which he does with so much passion.

Asked why he opted for the beauty industry instead of, for example, fixing cars as many a teenage boy would aspire to become, Da Silva said he learned at a young age that women always had money lying around to spend on their hair and nails.

“Women may not have money for other things but they always have money to beautify themselves,” he explained. Although the industry is predominantly female, Da Silva said being male still works in his favour because women hold the perception that men are the best in the industry.

For Da Silva, his passion stretches beyond doing nails.
In addition he does hair, eyelashes and make-up. With the evolving world, where there is talent, da Silva said one should always explore other possible opportunities that are in demand.

Da Silva advised fellow youths to venture into businesses or look for jobs instead of waiting for the government to provide for them.

“When you are above 18, you can no longer expect your parents to take care of u. We should look for jobs and take care of our parents,” da Silva said.

Source: New Era

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Lifestyle: Young And Famous Nigeria Music Star, Davido Now Into Motorsports Business

By Adetutu Adesoji

Afro Pop sensation, Davido has revealed that he is not only into the business of music as he recently disclosed his other side hustle which is Motorsports.

The ‘Assurance’ crooner took to his Instagram page to reveal his new business venture which involves sporting events with the use of motorised vehicles, whether for racing or non-racing competitions.

In the post, the singer posed with a sporting car and wrote, “We are not into music only we do Motorsports now so follow @chillingmotorsports for update 30BG lifestyle.”

Source: Vanguard Nigeria

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