Malawi: Chilima Assents to Youth Manifesto – Commits to Address Numerous Challenges Affecting Young Malawians

By (Wongani Chiuta)

UTM Party’s presidential torchbearer Saulos Chilima, who disclosed that he will also be minister responsible for the youth should he be voted into power on May 21, has appended his signature to the National Youth Manifesto to commit himself that he will address numerous challenges youths are facing in the country.

Chilima adopts Youth Manifesto and commits to uplifting youths

The youth movement which launched the 2019-2024 National Youth Manifesto-the first such strategic document ever in Malawi- had an audience with Chilima on Wednesday morning in Lilongwe.

Chilima was presented with the document which will be a catalyst for economic transformation in the country as it is tackling a number of issues such as the revising and redesigning of the Youth Enterprise Development Fund (Yedef) while also looking on creation of 500 000 jobs for the youth each year.

Putting his signature on the document, Chilima said he was committing himself and the UTM to adopt issues in the manifesto considering that most of the issues in it are also within the UTM electoral pledges.

“Malawi youths deserve a better future. Tsogolo labwino, lowala with UTM,” he said.

Youth Decide team leader Charles Kajoloweka with Chilima presenting National Youth Manifesto

Youth Decide team leader Charles Kajoloweka, who is also outspoken Youth and Society (YAS) executive director, said the youth, who constitute about 50 percent of the country’s population, commended Chilima for making what he called a high-level political commitment saying it is a step ahead in trying to alleviate a number of challenges the youths are facing.

Some of the organisations which supported the formulation of the National Youth Manifesto are Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (Osisa), Danish Church Aid (DCA), National Democratic Institute (NDI) and the European Union, according to Kajoloweka.

The manifesto has 14 strategic points, with access to youth employment and vocational training being the first issue they want the next government to consider while agriculture and entrepreneurship come second.

A consortium comprising Youth Network and Counselling, M-Hub, Youth and Society, Young Politicians Society and other youth rights organisations will be monitoring its implementation.

Some points in the manifesto

1. Access to youth employment. 500 000 youths employed each year

2. No child should be learning under a tree by 2023

3. Scrapping off of quota system as a method for selecting students into university

4. Revise and redesign the Youth Enterprise Fund (Yedef)

5. Delink ACB from the Office if the President in terms of appointment of the director general.

Ideas Malawi young entrepreneurs summit Thursday at BICC

By (Chris Loka)

Malawi is Thursday hosting the first ever all-youth entrepreneurial summit whose purported goal is to bring together players in the industry to share experiences and discuss viable ideas that can help move the country forward.

Mwendo: An opportunity for young entrepreneurs to come together and push for policies that can allow them to flourish

Joshua Mwendo PR & Marketing Consultancy has partnered with Ideas Malawi for the summit which breathes to life from May 8 to 9 at Bingu International Convention Centre (BICC) in the capital Lilongwe.

The summit, which will run under the theme ‘Breaking Barriers’, will, among others, feature five talk sessions from entrepreneurs.

“It will also be spiced performances and creative exhibitions from existing enterprises being run by the youths apart from being graced by industry leaders and experts that have made it,” said Mwendo, PR & Marketing Consultancy managing director.

According to Mwendo, the summit will be an opportunity for young entrepreneurs to come together and push for policies that can allow them to flourish and grow their businesses.

He said in an interview with Nyasa Times on Tuesday that much as it was possible for one to do things on their own, it was imperative for young people to come together and discuss entrepreneurship for posterity.

“As a young entrepreneur myself, I am certain this will be a great opportunity to connect with fellows and numerous business associates,” he said.

Organizers of the event, Ideas Malawi, a firm geared at enhancing opportunities for the youths has pledged its support to the existing business structures by promoting youth in the business sector with mentorship and starter-up capital.

Malawi: DPP youths donate towards mothers at Mitundu Hospital

By (Alfred Chauwa)

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) inter- college youth wing has donated assorted items worth K400 000 to 53 postnatal mothers at Mitundu Community Hospital in the capital Lilongwe.

The DPP college youth cheering the mothers

Among others, the youths donated such items as soap, cooking oil and packets of sugar.

In an interview with Nyasa Times, DPP central region colleges youth director, Tennessee Chirambo, said: “We observed that our mothers in this hospital were lacking so many things after a needs assessment and we decided to come in and help.”

He added: “As responsible youths in this country we feel it is our responsibility to take part in contributing towards the development of this nation.”

According to Chirambo, they would soon be doing the same to Lumbadzi and Kawale hospitals.

Mitundu Community Hospital matron, Hanifa Likaka, said the donation had come at a right time.

“It will ease most of the problems these women are facing on day-to-day basis,” said Likaka.

Mitundu hospital is located in the area of Traditional Authority (T/A) Chiseka in Lilongwe district and delivers about 15 to 20 women per day.

Malawi: Youths encouraged to venture into business


Blantyre Hub under a program called upgrade yourself recently organised a function oriented towards motivating youths to venture into business.

Motivators included Gift Sukali, Chimwemwe Manyozo, Charles Lipenga, Tendai Banda, Tendai Munemo and Ulala Kondowe.

Sukali, the ward winning video director popularly known as Sukez, told the youths to develop a business mindset for a better future.

The video editor who owns HD Plus Creations said many youths in the country have potential of doing business but what they need is direction and they do not know how to use their money wisely.

“Others have graduated in various colleges but they are failing to utilize skills they acquired there, so I shared them about how I ventured into entrepreneurship, my journey to becoming an award winning video director and how I ditched my degree to start a business,” he said.

He added: “In life, there are a lot of ups and downs which one goes through to reach his or her potential. My journey was not smooth as I faced a lot of challenges but I always believe that if you have an ambition you end up reaching it.”

When asked about his plans this year he said: “I am interested with the trending film, The boy who harnessed the wind, I wonder what if that film was produced by Malawians. In short, anytime I will venture into the film industry,” he said.

Manyozo who was one the organisers said they decided to organize the talk after observing that many youths in the country have the ability to progress in terms of entrepreneurship but they lack direction.

He disclosed that they will organise a function of the same nature in the northern city of Mzuzu, given the positive feedback they have received from the Blantyre event.

Malawi: YouthDecide 2019 takes youth manifesto to Chitipa, Rumphi

By Nyasa Times Reporter

YouthDecide 2019, a campaign whose chief aim is to make sure the interests of the youth are incorporated in politicians’ and political parties manifestos prior and after the forthcoming May 21 tripartite polls, has launched a deliberate strategy to make sure that it reaches out to as many youths as possible across the country.

The youth manifesto document was launched early this year at Crossroads Hotel in the capital Lilongwe, and some of its critical points in the document include calling for the abolishment of the quota system, increase selection of students to institutions of higher learning by 25 percent in the first year of the would-be government and the maximum protection of persons with albinism.

According to YouthDecide campaign national coordinator, Daliso Magelegele, they made all presidential candidates sign the document so they could be held accountable should they fail to live up to their promises.

Said Magelegele: “The document will act as evidence on our part, and it will be easy for us to take them to task. Politicians have taken us, the youths, for granted because we have not been serious with them.

“Therefore, we want the youths themselves, who are the biggest chunk of the population, to take a leading role in holding these politicians responsible. It will be up to them to them to decide how to deal with them.”

In Chitipa and Rumphi, where hundreds attended the launches, there was great excitement about the idea of the youth manifesto not just amongst the youth but also the elderly.

“I was just moving like a passerby but when I heard the message from the speakers, I decided to stop and listen. Because I have children who are in their twenties who are uncertain of their futures.

“They are not here, but once I get home, I will make sure they hear the message this campaign is propagating. They are actually victims of the quota system, and I am sure they will support the campaign,” said Julius Msowoya, 64.

And, speaking to crowds that gathered at Rumphi Boma, Magelegele wooed the youths to be proactive in deciding their fates.

“It is our Malawi, and we should not just–as youths–be used as perpetrators of violence by politicians. Let us stand up and decide our futures. Let us decide what kind of Malawi we want to live in,” he said.

Former chairperson of the Chitipa Civil Society Network, Sydney Simwaka, hailed YouthDecide for the initiative saying it is timely.

“At the peak of the electoral period right now, it is imperative that YouthDecide is engaging the youths constructively. And, I am happy they are seriously condemning violence strongly,” said Simwaka.

According to Magelegele, they are set to launch the youth manifesto to several other districts in the country before the May 21 polls.

Source Nyasa Times