Nigeria: Success Nuggets at Stanbic IBTC Youth Leadership Series

The Stanbic IBTC Youth Leadership Series might have come and gone but the lessons learnt lingers as it was an opportunity to impact in the youths on success nuggets that would give them tangible deliverables.

The facilitators were drawn from a rich pool of eggheads as they include award winning filmmaker, Kemi Adetiba; innovator, agriculturist, and entrepreneur, Onyeka Akumah and Abisoye Ajayi-Akinfolarin, programmer and a CNN Heroes award winner. These trio over the weekend in Lagos shared valuable success tips with an appreciative audience at the 2019 Stanbic IBTC Youth Leadership Series (YLS).

Stanbic IBTC, Nigeria’s leading end-to-end financial services provider, said the youth empowerment motivational series was conceived as a way to energise, through deeper engagement, the entrepreneurial spirit in young Nigerians while helping to build the next generation of leaders.

Chief Executive, Stanbic IBTC Holdings PLC, Mr. Yinka Sanni, said the YLS is a platform to engage the youth, a critical and vibrant segment of the population that will not only help to drive its sustainability but also help shape the future of the nation.

“It is clear to us that sustainability of our brand is very important. However, we do appreciate that our future is closely woven with that of the energetic, innovative and hardworking Nigerian youth.
“It has been from the very beginning considering that the Stanbic IBTC brand, which is 30 years this February, was set up in 1989 by an innovative and audacious 33-year old Nigerian, Mr Atedo Peterside,” Sanni said while welcoming participants to the event.

“Where others see young millennials, we see business leaders, successful entrepreneurs; we see scholars, innovators, and high profile professionals with whom we are honoured to partner,” Sanni added.

According to Sanni, Stanbic IBTC’s youth-centric focus is evident in its support for a number of initiatives directed at the youth as well as its establishment of programmes such as the YLS that help to engage the youth at a deeper level. Some of such initiatives include the Stanbic IBTC innovation lab in Yaba, Lagos, set up to support techpreneurs, financial technology firms and startups; sponsorship of the Higher Institution Football League and being a major sponsor of the yearly Social Media Week, among other youth-oriented initiatives.

The three speakers, Akumah, Ajayi-Akinfolarin and Adetiba, agreed that the most important ingredient for success is knowledge acquisition through education. Ajayi-Akinfolarin narrated how she defied her parents and risked her life in her quest to be educated.

The need to hone one’s skill(s) is also critical. Their ability to identify their passion early on and work on them propelled the trio to success.

For Adetiba, she had a flair for entertainment, despite her training as a lawyer. It was coding/programming for Abisoye and farming for Onyeka.
According to the trio, success is not instantaneous but with hard work, focus, resilience and a positive attitude, success is guaranteed. Then they also talked about the discipline required to remain grounded when success is attained.

Chief Executive, Stanbic IBTC Bank, Dr Demola Sogunle, who gave the closing remarks, said he believed that vital lessons had been learnt and that he hoped the youth have been inspired and motivated through the shared experiences and achievements of the three speakers.

He assured that Stanbic IBTC will continue to seek quality platforms such as the YLS to engage the Nigerian youth.
Stanbic IBTC Holdings PLC, a full service financial services group with a clear focus on three main business pillars – Corporate and Investment Banking, Personal and Business Banking and Wealth Management. Standard Bank Group, to which Stanbic IBTC Holdings belongs, is the largest African bank by assets and market capitalisation.

It is rooted in Africa with strategic representation in 20 countries on the African continent. Standard Bank has been in operation for over 155 years and is focused on building first-class, on-the-ground financial services institutions in chosen countries in Africa; and connecting selected emerging markets to Africa by applying sector expertise, particularly in natural resources, power and infrastructure.

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Nigeria: Stanbic IBTC to leverage tech for youth empowerment

By Lucas Ajanaku

Frontline financial services provider, Stanbic IBTC said it will continue to leverage technology to empower youth for sustainable economic development.

The lender, which unveiled its strategic objectives ahead of the Lagos Social Media Week, which it is sponsoring, said rather than leveraging the annual platform to sell, it will be highlight the tools and basics of formal career development, entrepreneurship drive and business management that will create wealth and secure a promising future for the youth.

The yearly conference and exhibition will hold between February 4 and 8. It has With great influence comes great responsibility as theme. The event, renowned for eliciting interesting conversations and bringing together diverse perspectives, has gained popularity as a platform to discuss the most productive ways to harness social platforms to drive thought and innovation, improve consumer experiences and foster collaborations.

The Chief Executive, Stanbic IBTC Holdings Plc, Mr. Yinka Sanni, said the organisation’s participation and sponsorship of the forum was an expression of its determination and commitment to availing young, vibrant youths, irrespective of background and position in life, requisite mentorship and guidance to help them achieve their goals and aspirations.

He added that this essential career management, wealth creation and preservation tools, principles and basics, undoubtedly, transcends financial knowledge and status.

Sanni said the lender will showcase some renowned resource persons, including career counselling and employability training specialist, Dr. Dipo Awojide, a Lecturer in Strategy at the Nottingham Business School, United Kingdom and founder of the BeenThereDoneThat Hub (BTDT Hub), who has built a global reputation in career coaching and counselling.

According to the organisers, the forum will focus on ideas, trends, insights, inspiration to help both individuals and businesses across the creative, technology and financial industries understand how to achieve more in a hyper-connected world and engender good business practices and policies that leverage technology to transform industries and communities across Africa. The event also features a mixture of keynotes, panels, workshops, masterclasses and presentations on a wide range of topics, including business, entertainment, education, technology and politics, all aimed at advancing the use of social media, and an area dedicated to co-working and interactive installations.

Also featuring are genuine success case studies to reinforce and underpin the importance of key career growth attributes like dedication, consistency, proactivity, resilience, adaptability, positivity, hard work, etc. and wealth generation experts amongst other keynote speakers.

“I hereby use this opportunity to invite members of the general public, especially the young, vibrant and enterprising and the larger social community to join us at Social Media Week Lagos 2019, as we promise all our guests a very enriching interaction and engagement,” Sanni said.

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