Togo: 1,500 youths introduced to opportunities related to the PND

By (Ayi Renaud Dossavi)

(Togo First) – Last Friday, a workshop on Leadership, Citizenship, and opportunities related to the 2018-2022 national development plan (2018-2022 PND) was held. This was in the Amou prefecture (168 km north of Lomé)

The meeting’s theme was “challenges related to the PND and opportunities for youth.” It is part of a battery of workshops organized by the ministry of youth aiming to inform Togo’s youth about key projects and job opportunities relevant to the PND.

The workshops will take place in about 10 prefectures targeting 150 youths per community.

The next prefectures targeted are Vo, Avé, Danyi, Sotouboua, Mô, Dankpen, Binah, Kpendjal and Cinkassé.