How do I stay away from violence, hatred and all the bad things?

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Azugbene Solomon

By knowing that all these are acts of low consciousness. They do not benefit anyone ever. The reason people indulge in them is to gratify their weak egos and have a momentary release.

Our subconscious mind is extremely powerful and can either enrich or destroy our lives. Indulging in anti social behaviour leaves negative imprints on it, therefore your whole psyche starts detiorating. You operate from a mode of ignorance which will ultimately catch up to you and make you pay.

No one has got away with such behaviours and never will. Even if they escaped the law, they cannot escape their own guilt (which is even more traumatizing) that happens to catch up to them years later.

Stay in the company of good and compassionate people. Obey your intuition and consciousness. Don’t seek cheap thrills and don’t act on momentary impulses. Keep the larger picture in mind, always.

There are no way you can avoid all bad things in life. Bad things are a part of life. Millions of bad things happens every day without us knowing. They may have a direct or indirect affect on you.

Its unfortunate to see hatred, evil and all things bad. Life has a strange way showing us there can be good from bad things. Though we may not see it at that time.

Only advise I can give is to do your best to be a better person. Your actions have consequences whether good or bad, you must keep that in mind.

Life is intertwined, there are ripple effects some may be on a small scale. You have a choice to make a difference in life. Therefore make it a good one, because what you do will affect life whether you realize it or not.

Acticle by Pranoy Mukherjee & Souriya B. Vongchanh