Ghana: Platform To Equip Youths With It, Media Skills Launched

By (Yaw Agyemang)

Youth unemployment and joblessness together constitute a major socio-economic and political problem in Ghana even though Ghana’s growth performance has been quite impressive. With the exception of 2014, when growth fell below 4 per cent, the country’s GDP growth has been remarkably high, ranging between 4.3 per cent and 14 per cent, according to official figures.

And, while unemployment is a challenge among all age groups, its impact is particularly severe among the youth. Young people tend to have higher rates of unemployment and to engage in vulnerable and informal employment.

But this may soon change following the opening of the Africa Institute of Media Studies (AIMS) in Accra recently.

AIMS, a subsidiary of the King Solomon Group, provides a practical-based knowledge acquisition platform in digital media that offers intensive practical courses to Ghanaian youths and others with the use of special techniques, learning practices materials and other specialized state-of-the-art equipment.

The school, which accepts Ghanaian and international students, offers courses in television production, cinematography, digital marketing, post production, film production and motion graphics.

“ AIMS training and expertise is geared towards moulding today’s generation for a competitive digital and global marketplace. Our curriculum has been designed to adequately prepare students who enrol for a dynamic job market. – we bring out the professionalism in you through practicality. Our mission is to train with practical skill in digital media by utilizing ultra-modern equipment equipment and Africa’s top-notch tutors to produce competent individuals for the job market. We offer intensive practical course work with the use of special techniques, learning material , specialized learning center and well equipped media lab,” according to the institution’s website.

Strategically located on Spintex Road, Accra, AIMS campus is a dynamic imaginative studying space, strategically boasting such broad assets a well stocked library, modern digital lab, standard multimedia studio, well-furnished accommodation and large lecture halls.

AIMS’ digital labs are completely outfitted with Laptop and desktop computers and introduced with industry-standard software, including final cut, Protocols, Davinci Adobe Premier, Autodesk suite, Avid Composer and some more.

The Student Multimedia Studio (SMS) provides currently enrolled AIMS students with a wide range of multimedia equipment, software, and support.

While unemployment is a challenge among all age groups, its impact is particularly severe among the youth who also tend to have higher rates of unemployment and to engage in vulnerable and informal employment, according to the African Center for Economic Transformation (ACET), an Accra-based economic policy think-thank supporting Africa’s long-term growth through transformation.

According to ACET, young people between the ages of 15 and 35 make up about a third, 33.5% of Ghana’s population. They enter the job market with different levels of education and with limited or no work experience, which tends to impede their chances of securing productive and/or formal sector jobs. The difficulties in securing adequately paid and productive jobs after school tends to increase the vulnerability of young people and can make them susceptible to social vices as well as a source of conflicts and civil disorders.

But management of AIMS says a certificate from the school offers the school’s products a chance to make a difference in their lives life and the lives of people in their immediate communities. “Throughout our history, we have continued to help our student realize their dreams, whilst providing job opportunities for them to fulfil their personal and professional potential. Our lecturers are professionals in their respective fields. They deliver exceptional lectures for deep understanding of the students.”

An intriguing aspect of Ghana’s youth unemployment patterns is that youth unemployment appears higher among the educated than the less educated, said a report by ACET. Unemployment rates are highest among young people aged 29 years and below with bachelor’s degrees. They are lowest among those with no formal education or basic education. Also, the unemployment rate is estimated to be higher among young females than young males in Ghana.

Every human being needs diverse kinds of skills to live a meaningful life. Skills are required both for individuals to live meaningful and successful lives as well as to develop nations. Unfortunately, many people and countries do not place a lot of emphasis on skills acquisition leading to failures in life, mediocrity and underdevelopment.