Nigeria: Firm trains youths in writing

By Olatunde Odebiyi

Over 120 writers across Nigeria were trained on how to improve their craft and take their writing career to the next level at the first edition of Instincts Writing Workshop.

The training organised by a media platform, Young and Cerebral, had representatives from literary organisations, illustrators, authors, writers and students from schools and colleges participated. It held at Sabo, Yaba, in Lagos State. The theme was, “Writing beyond a hobby”.

Founder, Young and Cerebrals AdewunmiOshodi-Tapa, said Young and Cerebral is a media platform that provides inspiration, opportunity and empowerment through radio programmes, trainings, workshops and seminars.

She said the workshop was its way of giving a voice to people who write.

“We realised that people want to write and there are a lot of writers on the street. This workshop is to give writers a hope, dream and action plan that they can write and people will read their stories. It is the first of its kind and it will continue,” she said.

She said Young and Cerebral is a clan of curious and imaginative story tellers based in Lagos metropolis. “We help enthusiastic 18 to35-year-olds to triumph by providing inspiration, empowerment and opportunities so that they can achieve personal fulfillment. We preach self-actualisation through our Media and Brand Services.

“We profile thought-leaders, inventors, influencers, founders, whose lives embody our message. During our Saturday shows on Unilag103.1FM and LagosTalks 91.3FM, we celebrate and focus on individuals who make a difference across a wide variety of industries including but not limited to Marketing, Banking, Film, Telecom, Fashion, HR, Tech, Music, Food, Education and Photography,” she said.

A Blogger and Bestselling Author, Sally Kenneth-Dadzie, speaking on the topic: “The Journey to writing the first line”, urged writers to overcome fear and laziness, be consistent, believe in themselves and in what they write.

“You have to overcome fear, if you want to be a writer because fear can pull you down. Don’t be a lazy writer, know that no one is perfect, put in your best and never kill your story.”

She said writing is hard work, urging writers to overcome unbelief in the writing process, make good use of opportunities including the use of social media to develop they witting skills, and that they should never let rejection pull them down.

“Encourage writers around you, find time to write, determine to be a writer that stands out so that when readers read your content, they will come back to your site,” she said.

Another speaker, A Self Published Author and Writer, UfuomaEmerhor-Ashogbon, who spoke on “What it takes to publish”, noted that to publish a book there must be vision, message, talent, skill and perseverance.

“You must have a vision of who you are and where you want to be, and your witting must have a message because your message is one thing that will distinguish you.”

She added that there is a talent for writing, saying it is natural, inbuilt and God given. “You need skills to write, which requires that you have to develop, learn and train on how to write. Perseverance is what you need to push for you to be known,” she said.

Another speaker, a writer and author, SeunOdukoya, spoke on ‘Writing as a trade’; said money can be made from writing, urging the writers to place value on themselves and on what they write.

“It is your responsibility to make your writing make money for you; get inspiration to write, don’t give yourself excuses. There are several things you can write on, be good at whatever you are doing, don’t do it for free, and have faith and confidence in yourself. Write all the time, you cannot be great and be lazy, work at what you want to achieve, set a goal for yourself and constantly work towards achieving your goal, take responsibility for your witting, put value on yourself and on your work, pay attention to what you write and put value on your work,” he said.

Source The Nation Nigeria