Zimbabwe: Youths urge ED to walk the talk

By Takunda

President of Zimbabwe Emmerson Mnangagwa has been urged to walk the talk on youths engagement and inclusion if the young people’s participation in the country’s socioeconomic and political settings is to be realised.

Mnangagwa is on record calling for youths active participation in all areas of concern, saying they are the leaders of tomorrow.

“Today I met some of our nation’s children; our future. We’re working for a brighter future for you, investing in roads, railways, housing, infrastructure & most importantly, education and technical skills. Investment today for the generation of tomorrow,” nice words from the President, a day before Zimbabwe’s 39th Independence anniversary.

Be that as it may, the youths have implored Mnangagwa’s administration to provide enough space for them to actively play their part in turning the country’s fortunes, through policies that promote democratic freedoms as enshrined in Zimbabwe’s supreme law.

Contributing in a panel discussion held recently in Harare, on the shrinking civic space in Zimbabwe, the National Association of Youth Organisations in Zimbabwe (NAYO) said the effective participation of youth can only be guaranteed in an open civic space with the respect of the freedoms of assembly, association and expression.

NAYO called on the government to enact the necessary legislative measures that allow for citizens especially the youth to exercise the freedoms of association, expression and assembly.

However, political analyst Elder Mabhunu says though ideal, it is highly unlikely that Mnangagwa will open the democratic space, moreso following his failure to improve the economy, since taking over the reins in 2017 through a military coup.

Mabhunu says Mnangagwa is now stuck between a hard place and a rock as he struggles with the economy with inflation believed to be standing at more than 270 per cent.

“Mnangagwa is sitting on a time bomb, and civic unrest cannot be ruled out. I don’t see him liberalising the democratic space for any one, civil organisations included,” he says.

Mabhunu adds that to make matters worse, Mnangagwa has retained the provisions of the draconian Public Order and Security Act (POSA), in his new bill, the Maintenance of Peace and Order Bill.

POSA have been abused by the state to suppress democratic freedoms of expression, association and the like.

Meanwhile, on April 23, 2019, NAYO won an urgent Chamber application it filed at the High Court through Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights challenging Zimbabwe Republic Police’s ban of its Solidarity March to Petition Parliament of Zimbabwe on shrinking civic space.

The development came after Mnangagwa’s administration who stand blamed for human rights abuses, has been at odds with NGOs accusing them of advancing a regime change agenda, and Mnangagwa uses POSA provisions to deprive citizens of their rights.

In a related matter, the European Union (EU) recently announced a US$5,5 million funding facility for pro-democracy civic organisations in Zimbabwe, meant to capacitate civil society organisations (CSOs) to contribute meaningfully towards good governance, accountability and development processes in Zimbabwe.

Source Zwnews


Zimbabwean Youths Applaud Govt for Fishing Licences

By George Maponga

The Zanu-PF Youth League here has applauded Government for issuing licences to young people to venture into commercial fishing saying the move had helped to stem unemployment across the province.

Government, through the Parks and Wildlife Management Authority, has been issuing fishing permits to youths co-operatives among other groups, to venture into commercial fishing at Tugwi-Mukosi Dam in southern Masvingo.

So far more than 10 youth co-operatives have been licensed to venture into commercial fishing at the dam with Masvingo Minister of State Ezra Chadzamira saying Government, under the leadership of President Mnangagwa, would continue to prioritise previously marginalised groups such as youths and women in economic empowerment programmes in the province.

Zanu-PF Youth League chair Cde Brian Munyoro said they were excited about the fruits of commercial fishing on the lives of young people in the province.

Cde Munyoro said Tugwi-Mukosi fishing projects had changed the lives of many young people across the province who were grappling with unemployment.

“So far several youth co-operatives have been licensed to do commercial fishing at Tugwi-Mukosi and we are very happy with the changes that have already taken place in their lives since most of them were struggling to look after their families and make ends meet owing to unemployment.”

“We want to thank our President Cde ED Mnangagwa and the Minister of State who continue to come up with various programmes to empower youths in Masvingo in particular and the country at large.

“Fishing has changed the lives of many youths particularly those from Chivi and surrounding districts and it is our hope that more youths co-operatives will be licensed to benefit many people,” said Cde Munyoro.

He appealed to the co-operatives that were already benefiting to commercialise their operations by acquiring modern fish harvesting equipment to accrue maximum returns from their business.

Cde Munyoro said Government should also expand the fisheries project to other dams such as Lake Mutirikwi, Bangala, Manjirenji, Bindamombe, Muzhwi and Manyuchi for youths from all corners of the province to benefit.

Source The Herald

Zimbabwe: Zanu-PF Youths in Solidarity March

By Wellington Dengu

Thousands of Zanu-PF youths from Harare Province yesterday marched from Zanu PF Headquarters to the National Sports Stadium to mark the country’s 39th Independence.

Zanu-PF Youth League deputy political commissar Tafadzwa Mudzamiri commended the youths who thronged the Zanu-PF Headquarters saying that this was a clear indication that youths are committed to their party and are patriotic.

“I would like to applaud the youths for coming in their numbers for the Independence solidarity march, this indicates that they are committed to serving both our party Zanu-PF and our nation Zimbabwe at large.

“We are celebrating the 39th Independence under the visionary leadership of our party’s First secretary and President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa. This is a clear message to the youths that they must be patriotic and exemplary especially in terms of nation building,” he said.

Zanu-PF secretary for Youth Affairs Cde Pupurai Togarepi thanked the youths for coming up with a unique way of celebrating the country’s independence.

“To Zanu PF youths I say well done and happy 39th Independence celebrations for leading the way, but these celebrations are not a Zanu-PF affair, but are for the whole country. Independence is not partisan as purported by others, this is a national issue so we expected to have all the youths as long as one is a Zimbabwean.”

Source The Herald

Zimbabwe youths win Generation Unlimited Youth Challenge

A group of four Zimbabweans has won $20 000 in the Generation Unlimited Youth Challenge for a technology platform they designed to provide easy access to quality educational materials with a mission to provide affordable materials to every student, especially those with visual impairment.

Blessing-Mau Maunze, Brighton Mahatchi, Simbarashe Duane Andre and Farayi Goronga better known as Team Amigo are one of the four teams that got this seed funding to take their ideas to the next level and make a bigger impact for their communities.

Mahatchi, 23, said his vision was just to equip the disadvantaged peers that could not proceed with school for different reasons.

“We want to bring education to people’s homes – people who aren’t in school, people who dropped out, people who are in the rural areas,” he said.

Maunze said the idea was developed with the Zimbabwean student in mind and the student in SubSahara.

His team developed the Amigo app to give every student in Zimbabwe equal access to textbooks, tutorials and other learning materials.

“The Online hub has over 2million educational books, 1million journals and a thousand videos,” said Maunze.

“We are trying to bring everything educational to one central place and leverage technology so that it becomes accessible to everyone no matter how remote they are,” Bright explains. “This platform is a tremendous opportunity for us.”

As global winners of the Youth Challenge, the team is elated to receive support and put their plans into action.

“We can’t believe this,” says Farayi, 23. “We just think we’re dreaming.”

Among the winners is Fantastic Four from Thailand, Muntjatna from Sudan, The Red Code from Pakistan and Andrometa Speakout from the Republic of North Macedonia.

Generation Unlimited brings together young women and men seeking opportunities for a bright future throughout the world with the private sector, governments, international and local organisations .

They are connecting secondary-age education and training to a complex and fast-changing world of work.

Source Bulawayo24

Mnangagwa Urged Zimbabwean Youths to Shun Drugs

President Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday urged youths to shun drugs and concentrate more on their education as well as inventing new products useful for the country.

Addressing a children’s pre-independence party in Harare, Mnangagwa said youths should refrain from abusing alcoholic substances because that could affect their learning.

“You must respect your teachers, you must shun drugs and you must shun alcohol and substance abuse. Violence and other activities that may harm you, you must shun such activities,” he said.

Mnangagwa said it was essential for the youths to take part in innovations and inventions to enable them to create opportunities for themselves and others.

“I was impressed and encouraged by the quality of exhibitions during Research Council of Zimbabwe Symposium by some of you, your innovations and inventions. I challenge more of you across the country to participate in that symposium next year,” Mnangagwa said.

“These initiatives will empower you to develop viable enterprises and widen employment opportunities. Resources will be made available for teaching and learning materials as well as equipment and facilities to enable you to take part in this programme.”

Some pupils, especially those in the rural areas including Binga and Lupane walk up to 15 kilometres to get to the nearest school which is creating a barrier to access education.

The President said his government was committed to improve access to quality education which is in line with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals target four.

“The achievement of quality education will remain high on my agenda. We will accelerate the construction of more schools to ensure that no more leaner has to walk more than five kilometres to a school,” Mnangagwa said.

Source News Day

Zimbabwe Youths Worry Over Shrinking Civic Society Space


THE National Association of Youth Organisations (Nayo) has expressed concern over the shrinking civic space in the country and urged the government to urgently expedite the alignment to the Constitution of laws that encourage civil engagement.

Addressing journalists in Harare yesterday, Nayo programmes manager McDonald Munyoro said government must not seek to muzzle civic groups, but must be seen to be enhancing freedom of association and expression.

Nayo is the youth umbrella body for youth organisations working in Zimbabwe with a vision to see a repositioned, redefined and enhanced role of youth in community, national, regional and international developmental processes.

“Government, through Parliament, should amend the Private Voluntary Organisations (PVO Act) which governs the work of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in the country and consider removing currently proposed amendments, which militate against the operations of NGOs — allow the NGOs to self-regulate,” Munyoro said.

“Government should uphold the Nairobi Outcome Document (agreed at the High Level Meeting (HLM2) in 2016) and Busan Partnership Agreement which recognises civil society as an independent development partner in its right; work within national policies and towards poverty reduction; and tackle inequality and the commitment made by governments to develop policy space and an enabling environment for the formation and operation of civil society organisations.”

He added that government must repeal the Zimbabwe Youth Council Act and replace this with a more pro-development and inclusive legislative framework for youth in the country as specified in Section 20 of the Constitution.

Among other demands, Nayo said the government must accelerate the repeal of both Aippa and Posa in line with the recent decision by Cabinet.

The organisation said it was worried by the continued crackdown on civil society groups in the country as witnessed by the recent unlawful suspension of COTRAD in Masvingo, the harassment of journalists and other human rights defenders, the majority of whom are youths.

Source The Zimbabwe Daily